Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Fave Pencil Sharpener!

I had been looking for something different than the typical old fashioned X-acto pencil sharpener for a LONG time.  Most of the students coming in to first grade do not have the fine motor skills to run a regular classroom pencil sharpener..  This summer I found a post about a specific pencil sharpener that kids with fine motor concerns can use without difficulty.

We didn't get to try it out the first week, as I had a ton of pencils sharpened for the first week of school.  This week I wanted students to start taking care of those things themselves.  This pencil sharpener is AMAZING!  I was able to clamp it onto my back table, and it works great!

It is so easy to use.  Students pinch the tabs to pull out what I call the "claws" that hold the pencil in place.  They insert the pencil in the hold and let go of the tabs.  Then all they have to do is hold their entire hand on top of the pencil sharpener to hold it in place and crank the handle.  No holding the pencil and having it spin out of control.  This is where I've noticed in the years past that kids have a hard time with:  holding onto the pencil while they are cranking the handing to sharpen.  Both their hands just don't work together

When the first few students tried it out, they exclaimed, "Wow!  That's awesome!"  No stress holding onto the pencil whatsoever!  I would definitely recommend this sharpener to all first grade teachers.  I'm hoping that it will last and hold up throughout the school year.  Our janitor and elementary principal and anxious to hear how its working out.

Check out this link to learn more about how to get this pencil sharpener:

There is a mount that you can purchase to mount this sharpener to the countertop as well.  For now I'm going to keep testing out just clamping it onto the back table.  This way I have the old fashioned X-acto one and this new one to use.  No more waiting in line for the pencil sharpener!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Start Dot Shape Box Font

Woke on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago dreaming about a font I needed to make to use with some of my kiddos in my class, so that's what my Saturday morning consisted of. I've had so many first graders this year still drawing the letters and not using the correct path of motion when writing letters. So many of them start at the bottom and go up! Biggest handwriting rule ever: "You NEVER start at the bottom and go up when starting your letters!"

So here's what I came up with.
You can find it HERE at my TPT store.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Life of a Plant Mini Book

Doing a little updating to our science curriculum and plan on going into the life of a plant a little deeper.  We decided to update things a bit and instead of doing a unit on farming, we are going to focus on plants and what they need to survive, grow, and meet their needs.  This will be a great lead-in to our Pumpkin Life Cycle unit, where our first graders will get to apply that to a fun fall plant they are familiar with. Here is a mini book I created on plant life:

You can find it HERE at my TPT store.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Daily Schedule Cards

I've been working on these since last summer and finally finished them!  Yay! Now just to take the time to print and laminate and get ready for the fall.  I have been using the same ones in my room for the last 10 year and thought it was time to update and make things a little cleaner and easier for my first graders to read.  I used to use DJ Inkers "DJ Spiffy" for a lot of things in my classroom and realized that the font is too "jumpy" and first graders have a hard time reading it.  

I created these classroom schedule cards with picture clues that little ones can read on their own. I formatted them to fit into my blue Carson Dellosa scheduling pocket chart. The last page includes a blank page that can be screen-clipped into your own editing software to create your own.

***Schedule Cards included in this set:
math, reading, writing, bathroom break, morning work, word work, centers, sharing, guided reading lunch, recess, assessment, social studies, science, computer, music, art, snack, gym, library, field trip, guidance, silent reading, movie, quiet time, dismiss, brain break, social studies or science, clean up, math calendar, DOL sentences, catch-up time, friday folders, early dismiss, must-do work time, guest speaker, wash hands, stuffed toy day, sunglasses day, mustasche day, hot cocoa, popcorn, ice cream, soda pop, popsicle, valentine party, pajama day, holiday party, birthday, pumpkin seed counting, pumpkin sorting, pumpkin carving, BLANK PAGE TO CREATE YOUR OWN

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.  
**Make sure to download the preview to get a good look at several that are included in the set.

Clip art sources:
Clip Art by Carrie
My Cute Graphics

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Manners on the School Bus Mini Book

Last and final book in the Manners mini-books I plan to use this fall:  Manners on the School Bus.  This book teaches appropriate behavior children are expected to show on the school bus.  These skills will be taught during our PBIS lessons this fall during back to school week.

Text in this book:
Manners are important. Here are some good manners on the school bus.
To be safe I will stay seated and face the front.
I will keep myself and my stuff out of the aisle. It keeps everyone safe.
My head, hands, feet and all objects stay inside the bus to keep me safe.
When I wait for the bus I will be peaceful. That keeps everyone safe.
When I’m on the bus, I will use a quiet voice and talk about nice things. That is being respectful to others.
I will follow directions and listen to the bus driver the first time. That shows respect to the bus driver.
I can be responsible by being on time. I don’t want to miss the bus!
I will be responsible and clean up after myself.
I can tell the bus driver if something is broken or if there is a problem on the bus. That is being responsible.
Doing your best and following the rules on the bus keeps everyone happy!

You can find this book HERE at my TPT store.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Manners in the Hallway Mini Book

Just finished a little book called "Manners in the Hallway".  It is another book in the series of books I plan to use this fall when we teach the PBIS expectations for all the different areas at school.

Text in this book:
Manners are important. Here are some good manners in the hallway.
I walk in a single file line and think of line basics. That is being safe.
To be respectful, I will keep my hands to myself and think of personal space.
That is using body basics.
I will keep to the right. That is being safe.
I will go right to where I need to go.  That is being responsible.
To be respectful I will keep my voice off. That is also using body basics.
I will remember to use walking feet. That is being safe and using body basics.
I will greet others with a friendly wave.  That is being respectful.
If I drop something on the floor I will pick it up. That is being responsible
and keeping the hallway clean.
Doing your best and making good choices in the hallway keeps
everyone happy!

You can find this book HERE at my TPT store.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Manners in the Restroom Mini-Book

Here's a new mini-book about manners called "Manners in the Restroom".  Use at back to school time to teach bathroom expectations for behavior.  I plan to use this at the beginning of the year when we do our lessons for PBIS.

Text in this book:
Manners are important. Here are some good manners in the restroom.
I will wait my turn to respect others’ privacy.
I show respect by using a quiet voice.
I show respect by respecting school property and leaving the lights on.
To be responsible I can flush the toilet when I’m done.
I will think 2 for pumps of soap, towels, and minutes. That is being responsible.
I wash my hands with soap and water to stay safe.
I can do my best by keeping the bathroom clean.
To be responsible I can report problems to the teacher.
Good manners and making good choices in the restroom keeps everyone happy!

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.

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