Saturday, March 24, 2012

Base 10 Block War Game

So you know when you wake up and you realize you are dreaming about a game to make your brain doesn't shut off when you are sleeping.  Woke up this morning and had to get this off my brain so whipped this up while eating breakfast.  It's a Top It game for numbers 1-30 using Base 10 Blocks.  Students play the game like war and have to decide who has "more". The student with the most cards when all the draw cards are taken is the winner.  Included in this packet is a student record sheet that the winner can record their "win" by writing both numbers and the < or > between the numbers.  If you print two sets of this game you can add the = sign.

Here is a picture of the game:
If you would like to preview or purchase this game, find it at our TPT store HERE.  Please leave us feedback if you purchase at our store or a comment on our blog about what you think.  Is it worth it to make additional games for larger numbers?  I suppose you could make one with numbers in the 100s?!?!....uh oh!  Another game coming soon!  :)

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