Monday, April 30, 2012

Habitat Riddles

We are right in the middle of our Animals and Habitats unit and the kids are having so much fun.  I have been working on putting together a set of Habitat Riddles cards to use as a review at the end of the unit.  I just got them done today after school.  This group has really been in to riddles, which is GREAT because they have to be a good listener in order to know when it is their turn to come up and show and read their card.  You can find them at our TPT store HERE.

Cards are included for:
cactus, chameleon, camel, desert mountain, tumbleweed, sand dune, ocean, seaweed, sea shell,, walrus, deer, raccoon, mushroom, oak tree, mountain goat, mountain, vulture, grassland, lion, bison, rain forest, bananas, arctic, antarctic, wetlands, flamingo
Clip art in this riddles cards set by:
Big Dot Border from Graphics From the Pond
Public Domain,,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pattern Block Graphics

Last night while watching TV, I started playing around in Microsoft Picture It and decided to create my own Pattern Block graphics.  The free ones you find on the web are not to that was my goal.  To make these images in scale with each other so they actually fit together like PB are supposed to.  I love using Pattern Blocks in my classroom.  There are endless possibilities.  I took it a step further and put some of the PB images together to create some graphics to help teach fractions.  Here is the Pattern Block Graphics set:

The font used on the PB fractions images is from

If you'd like to purchase this graphics set, you can find it:
Clip Art by Carrie at Teachers Notebook
C&C Teach First TPT store

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Rain Forest Doodles Clip Art and FREEBIE

We are well into our study of the Animal Habitats and I just finished my Rainforest Doodles clip art set.

Images included:   gorilla, orangutan, monkey, macaw, toucan, tree frog, frog, boa snake, 3 different flowering plants, 3 different tall rainforest trees (one with coconuts and two with different leaves and vines), rainforest man, rainforest woman, leopard, banana bunch, bat, butterfly, branch with vine, rainforest leaves, waterfall.

If you are interested in purchasing this digital clip art set, you can find it for sale:
Clip Art by Carrie at Teachers Notebook
C&C Teach First TPT store

And as promised, here is a FREEBIE of the butterfly:

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Weather Word Wall Vocabulary Cards

We put together some basic word wall cards of the weather words that we use when teaching about weather.  Students love grabbing these word wall cards from the pocket chart during writing time.  I think I had posted previously about our Weather Words pocket chart.  Those word wall cards were in D'Nealian year we are probably going away from this and wanted to have a set of cards that wouldn't confuse firsties with the tails and loops.  You can find them at out TPT store HERE

Christine is working on some Weather and Storm Facts sure to stop back soon and check those out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Base 10 Block Graphics FREEBIE

Grab your free Base 10 Block graphics of CUBE, LONG, and FLAT at our TPT store HERE.  Files are in PNG format with a transparent background so they work great for layering in projects you want to create for math.  You can also find this freebie clip art set HERE at my Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery:  Clip Art by Carrie.

Counting Money Poster FREEBIES

I don't know if its just me or every other first grade teacher out there, but counting coins has to be the most difficult thing to teach a first grader.  When we count coins, I always make the student "show their work" by showing the "skip counting" underneath each coin as they count it (what they say in their head when they count).  That's the only way I have been taught how I can make sense of what the students are doing inside their heads. 

I made these posters today to post on my math wall to help students remember that you count pennies by ONES, nickels by FIVES, dimes by TENS, and quarters by TWENTY-FIVES.  We will see if it helps!  Its yours FREE at our TPT store HERE.

Here is another FREEBIE to go with it!  Our Money Posters HERE.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Farm Word Wall Vocabulary Cards

Our farm theme is called, "Farming:  How Food Gets From the Farm to Your Plate", and focuses on not just the animals that a farmer raises, but what the farmer does on the farm and how the food he/she grows gets from the farm to your dinner plate.  I revamped our card set and used my Farm Doodles clip art, along with some of KPM Doodles farm clip art and changed the font to a basic font.  Our other farm word cards are in D'Nealian font and I don't want to confuse our firsties next fall when we do the farm unit.  (I am seeing a lot of revamping in our future, since a lot of what we made was created witht he DN font.)

The words we have in our theme word wall pocket chart include the animals, plants, machines, and the basic products that come from the things that farmers "grow":

farmer, farm wife, tractor, combine, grain wagon, hay wagon, hay, corn stalk, corn field, soy bean, bean field, corn field, garden, cow, pig, horse, sheep, goat, chicken, rooster, hen, nest, chick, calf, ducking, turkey, cooked turkey, milking, riding, barn, hay, pitchfork, pail, harvest, pumpkin, apple, orchard, potato, carrot, corn, cat, dog, grain elevator, wheat, bread, eggs, bacon, ham, steak, hamburger, milk, cheese, yogrut, chicken leg

You can purchase these Farm Vocabulary Cards at our TPT store HERE.

Clip art in this vocabulary card set from:
Clip Art by Carrie:
Graphics From the Pond:
Open Clip Art (public domain):

We would love your feedback!

Space Word Wall Vocabulary Cards

I noticed someone on the TPT site requested space vocabulary cards and thought, "I could probably whip some of those up."  We do already have some word wall cards in our classroom that we found on the K-3 Teachers Resources site, but our school is switching reading/language arts series and PROBABLY going away from D'Nealian.  So making new ones would probably be good anyway. 

Our students LOVE using the word wall pocket chart during their writing.  It helps give them "ideas" to write about and gives them a chance to SEE new words.  Our hope is that it will increase their reading vocabulary.  We noticed this year on our Gates word decoding tests, that words that we included on our word wall pocket chart for theme, student got right!  (Example:  During our Weather theme we had the word card for "lightning" and as a whole students actually got that question correct more than they have in the past.)  So if the focus is on vocabulary to increase comprehension, making these little word wall cards is way worth it!  And I love doing it anyway...

You can purchase this at our TPT store HERE.  The Space Doodles clip art used to created these word wall cards is also available for purchase:

Clip Art by Carrie on Teacher's Notebook: HERE (immediate download)
Clip Art by Carrie on Etsy: HERE (zip file emailed to you by Carrie)
Clip Art by Carrie at our TPT store: HERE (immediate download)

We would love your feedback...and let us know if you have any requests!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Desert Doodles Clip Art and FREEBIE!

We are right in the middle of our Animals & Their Habitats unit and I have just started working on my "habitats" sets of clip art.  The plan is to draw clip art for each of the habitats we study in first grade:  desert, rain forest, forests & mountains, grassland, oceans, ponds & wetlands.  I plan to include the basic plants and animals that live in each of the habitats.  And I just finished drawing and putting together the desert habitat.  Here is a preview of my Desert Doodles clip art collection that I have for sale at my Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery and at our TPT store:

Here is a FREEBIE of the cute little chameleon I drew:

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Domino Dot Posters FREEBIE

I made these posters my very first year teaching first grade.  We have them hung on our math wall for students to refer to during math.  Our Everyday Math program uses dominoes to help teach addition and part-part-total, so this works as a GREAT reference for our students.  We have them hung up right underneath the Touch Points posters.
You can get this as a FREEBIE at our TPT store HERE.

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Book

I know this is "off-season", but I decided to revamp our First Thanksgiving Vocabulary book using my Thanksgiving Doodles clip art.  Our old version of this book did not include pictures...and it took our first graders a LONG time to illustrate it.  A great activity, but we realized it was sort of a "repeat" once my own kids went through Kindergarten and they came home with a similar (but much shorter) book that they had to illustrate.  We wanted this to focus more on the vocabulary words and the story...and by having the illustrations on each page, we hope that we can reach the "reading" part of the lesson.

Focus words:
pilgrim, king, Mayflower, cabins, home, winter, spring, indian, Squanto, chores, Thanksgiving, corn.

We plan to use this during shared reading to read with our students and have them fill in the missing vocabulary words as we go. 

You can purchase this book at our TPT store HERE.  And if you like the Thanksgiving Doodles clip art used in this book, check out my clip art collections at my Etsy Shop, my Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery, or at our TPT store.  Click on the links on the right side of our blog.

Here is a thumbnail of the book:

"Teacher's Pet" font used to create this book by:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"My Space Book: What I Learned"

This year we created a "My Planets Book" that our first graders used during journal writing to record what they learned about each planet.  After listening to different books about the planets, we had them write the facts they remembered and also draw a picture of each planet.  We wrote the facts down on sticky notes and displayed them on a planets anchor chart.  Sometimes we had them write their own facts independently using the fact journal sheets first and other times we had them generate the facts together as a class first and the teacher wrote them on the sticky notes.

Here is a picture of the pretty basic page we whipped up during our Space unit.  The kids drew a picture of the planets at the bottom and wrote on the top.  (All the planets pretty much looked knew I wanted to revamp so they took a little more time with coloring it how the planet actually looked.)

I decided to use my Space Doodles clip art and revamp it into a "My Space Book:  What I Learned" so that students have a place to record everything they learned throughout the unit.  This year, we kept the fact generating to just the planets, but next year we hope to discuss and respond about other things they learned about space.  My son came home with his "Planets Book" and had to read to me all the things he learned about in Christine's class.  So...I thought...if he loved it so much, why not extend their learning a bit and dig a little deeper into other space concepts?

Here is the updated version in our "My Space Book".  Now students will focus on writing the facts and then color the planet to match its colors they see on the covers of the planets read aloud books we use.

The "My Space Book:  What I Learned" book includes facts sheets for:  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, moon, star, galaxy, universe, astronaut, astronomer, solar system, asteroid, and comet.

If you'd like to purchase this book you can find it at our TPT store HERE.

Here is the "My Space Book:  What I Learned" book:
If you'd like to puchase the Space Doodles clip art you can find it at our TPT store, Carrie's Etsy shop, or Clip Art by Carrie on Teacher's Notebook.

Here is the cover of the Pebble Plus book "Mercury" that we read aloud to students. It is an awesome series of books that teaches about each planet in "first grade language".

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Doodles and FREEBIE Astronaut

Christine and I are working on revamping some of our Space/Planet projects and we needed some space art, so this week I've been busy doodling all the things we needed.  Wasn't so sure how to draw a "galaxy" or the "universe", but I was thinking galaxy within universe...let me know what you think of my interpretation.  All 24 images are BW and full-color PNG files so they are perfect for layering in projects or mini-books that you want to create for your classroom.  Here is the Space Doodles clip art set I came up with:

And I promised a freebie, so here is my astronaut:

You can purchase this Space Doodles clip art at:
Teacher's Notebook gallery:  Clip Art by Carrie (immediate download)
Our TPT Store:  Space Doodles (immediate download)
Etsy Shop:  Clip Art by Carrie (emailed to you by me)

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Weather Vocabulary Book

A week or so ago we posted our Weather Dictionary freebie through Google Docs.  We made that book the first year we did our Weather theme...and we realized that its just a bit "too much" for first graders.  Too many facts and just wasn't "first grade friendly".  So I decided to make a new vocabulary book using the basic weather terms that they would hear in their "real world".  I used my Weather Doodles clip art to make this book.  Vocabulary words included:  weather, clouds, rain, lightning, tornadoes, hail, snow, thunder, temperature, weather man, rain gauge, sleet, wind.
If you are interested in purchasing this vocabulary book or any of our other vocabulary book creations, check out our TPT store.  This vocabulary book can be found HERE at our TPT store.

You can find my clip art at our TPT store, at my Etsy Shop, or at my Teacher's Notebook gallery.

"Teacher's Pet" font by

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weather Doodles Clip Art and FREEBIE Tornado

We finished up with our Weather unit last week and I didn't quite get my Weather Doodles clip art done for that unit.  But now we'll have the clip art to revamp and create new stuff.  I found it hard to find the images I wanted in the public domain, which brought me here...

Included in this clip art combo pack are black and white and colored PNG digital files:  raincoat girl, raincoat boy, weather man, radar map, lightning bolt, cloud, lightning cloud, rain cloud, windy cloud, sun, rainbow, tornado, hail, umbrella, thermometer cold, thermometer hot, rain drops, snowflake.

You can find this clip art combo pack:
At our TPT store HERE.
Carrie's Etsy Shop:  Clip Art by Carrie on Etsy
Teacher's Notebook:  Clip Art by Carrie on Teacher's Notebook

I would love your feedback!  Please see my terms of use for using Clip Art by Carrie in projects for commercial resale on TPT or TN.

Here is your tornado FREEBIE:

Thanks for stopping into our blog!  Not sure what I might be doodling next...I'm thinking space and planets.

Farm Vocabulary Book

The vocabulary book that we do during our Farm theme includes many of the vocabulary words and concepts we want students to read and understand.  We recently updated this book by adding a few more details about each of the farm concepts on each page.

Farm words included in this book:  barn, farmer, hay, cow, hen, horse, pig, rooster, sheep, corn, beans, tractor, combine, wagon, apple trees, goat, chores.
You can preview one of the pages and purchase this book at our TPT store HERE.

We would love your feedback!  Let us know what you think.  And thanks for stopping into our blog.  We hope that you were able to find something you can utilize in your own classroom.

"Teacher's Pet" font used to create this book by

Thursday, April 12, 2012

States of Matter Doodles and FREEBIE "beaker"

This clip art package was a special request by our new friend, Christina, over at Second Grade Sugar and Spice blog.  She wanted some images for a unit she wants to make on the States of Matter:  Solids, Liquids, and Gases...and this is what I came up with for her:

Here is a freebie for all you scientists out there of the first image I drew in this doodle package:

You can purchase this clip art doodle package at my Etsy Shop:  Clip Art by Carrie.
You can also find them at our TPT store HERE.
Or you can find them on Teacher's Notebook:  Clip Art by Carrie on Teacher's Notebook.

Please read my terms of use at the bottom of this blog page for using my art.

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MY WORLD Word Wall cards

My World World Wall Cards:
This packet includes word wall cards that you can hang on your wall, put in your writing center, or display in your thematic word wall pocket chart.   Each word wall card includes an illustration to give your early writers and readers a visual clue to help them read the words. Using a pocket chart word wall makes your word wall interactive.  Our first graders have loved it this year!  We change the theme words as we change each theme.

Words included:
Afria, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Earth, globe, compase rose, ocean, world map, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic ocean, Southern Ocean, continent, equator, North Pole, South Pole

Created and illustrated by:
Clip Art by Carrie

You can purchase this interactive word wall at our TPT store HERE.  We would love your feedback!
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