Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Continents & Oceans What I Learned Book

Just finished this "what I learned" book for our Continents and Oceans theme that we will do in the winter.  I created one of these for our Animal Habitats theme and our Space theme and the kids really seemed to like them.  Having the picture at the bottom as an illustration help them focus on what they were writing about.  And giving them handwriting lines with the numbers 1-3 for how many facts to write/remember helped keep them organized.

You can find this at my TPT store HERE.

Friday, August 16, 2013

TPT Back to School Sale Aug 18-19

It's that time of year!  TPT announced they are doing a Back to School Sale on August 18-19, 2013.  Stop on by and get some SUPER deals on clip art, school stuff for your classroom, and lesson plans.  I am offering a 20% off ALL products in my store.  You can get an ADDITIONAL 10% off everything store wide by entering the code:  BTS13.

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Back to School classroom items and clip art at my store HERE:
  • Back to School Cut Apart Sentences
  • "I Can Do My Job At School" Vocabulary Book
  • Back to School Word Wall Cards
  • Back to School Riddles
  • Classroom Helper Cards
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  • School is Fun Doodles
  • School Time Doodles
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Math Calendar Journal Sheets for Daily Practice

I've kind of taken a little mental health break from "school stuff" this summer.  Not what my plan was, but sometimes you just need a bit of a break.  I'm spent a lot of time reading and just relaxing, going to the pool, going on walks, and trying to run/jog when I get a free moment to myself.  Got myself able to run at least 2 miles without stopping, so YAY for me for that, I guess!

Last week I started to get into school mode and tackled one of the projects I wanted to get done over the summer.  I wanted something that the whole class/each student could do each day to help them be a bit more "into" our daily math calendar time.  I knew that I needed it to be a bit transitional as they learn about 2 digit and 3 digit numbers.

I'm not quite sure how I want to use it, but my plan is to create a monthly packet for each student to fill in as we do the math calendar or after we do math calendar to transition into math.  I thought it would be a good way to teach it and keep everyone actively involved.  I feel like I always have those kids that tune-out during the time on the rug while one kid comes up to the board and does the activity.  Kids just aren't listening.  I'm hoping this way, they realize that they are responsible for all items on the math board and not just when they are chose to go to the board.

This Math Calendar Journal packet includes:
  • Blank Calendars (portrait & landscape) for children to fill in for each month. This would be a great cover page for a monthly Math Calendar packet.
  • Blank Calendars for Recording Temperature (portrait & landscape). Students will record the temperature each day and then the high & low temperature for the month.
  • 4 different “Write the Date” sheets to use throughout the year in the learning process. Beginning sheet guides them to choose the “day of the week”, the “month”, the “date” and the “year”.
  • “Write the Date” sheet that includes recording the daily “Temperature”
  • 3 “Days of School” sheets to work with the number of days in school that include: writing the number, even & odd, B10 Blocks, tallies, money, and number grid placement. Three different levels from 1-digit to 3 digit numbers to get you through the 180 days of school.
You can find this HERE at my TPT store.  You can download a preview of the entire packet to see what the whole thing looks like before you purchase it.  I would love your feedback here on my blog, even if you don't purchase it.  Let me know what you think!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Community Helpers Cut Apart Sentences

This cut apart sentence pack includes these Community Helper themed cut apart sentences. These work great for morning work or literacy centers. Students have to unscramble the sentence and put it in order, then write the sentences on the lines at the bottom of the paper. A great independent activity.

The teacher teaches the class.
A fireman puts out fires.
A policeman will help you.
A construction worker builds houses.
A nurse will give you a shot.
A farmer drives a tractor.
The dentist cleans your teeth.
The doctor helps you stay healthy.
A mailman delivers your mail.
A beautician cuts and fixes your hair.
A cheerleader cheers for the team.
An astronaut goes to space.
A cowboy works on a ranch.
A scientist works in a lab.
The weatherman tells the weather.
A gardener takes care of the flowers.

You can find this set HERE at my TPT store.

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