Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schooltime Doodles clip art & FREEBIE

I'm gotten a little busy here the last week or two of school, so its taken me a while to finish up this Schooltime Doodles clip art set.  But I'm done!  Yay!  This set includes BW and full-color PNG (layerable) images:

school bus, school, school desk, destop computer, ruler, globe, books in various colors, crayons in various colors, crayon box, school bag, note paper, pencil, glue stick, glue bottle.

Where you can purchase this clip art:
My Teacher's Notebook gallery HERE
Find it at our TPT store HERE.

Here is a freebie pencil:

Please read my TOU on the bottom of the blog page for using my images.  Thanks for stopping into our blog!  I would love your feedback and suggestions for things you'd like to see me draw.  I'm hoping I'll have a bit more time to add to my clip art collection this summer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forest & Mountain Habitat Doodles and FREEBIE Owl

Just finished my Forest & Mountain Habitat Doodles clip art set.  Included are these BW and full-color PNG images:

2 pine trees, big round tree, grizzly bear, wolf, log cabin, mountain range, hiker boy, fox, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, skunk, cougar, moose, deer (buck).

This is the last of my habitat collections (unless I think of other things to draw).  I've had suggestions for Australian Animals and Simple Machines in the past week, and I've been working on a School Doodles set to use next fall.  Now that school is coming to an end for the year, I hope to get these done this summer so that we can use for our first grade:  Post Office Doodles, Dental Health Doodles, Staying Healthy Doodles, Fall Doodles, Pumpkin Doodles, Halloween Doodles, and possibly an end of the year Graduation Doodles to use for our Time Capsule theme.

Where you can find my clip art for sale:
Clip Art by Carrie on Teacher's Notebook HERE.
Clip Art by Carrie on Etsy HERE.
Clip Art by Carrie at our TPT store HERE.

Here's a FREEBIE of my little owl:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arctic Antarctic Habitat Doodles with FREEBIE

Last night I finished up my Arctic Antarctic Habitat Doodles clip art set, which includes these images:

eskimo, arctic rabbit, arctic fox, orca whale, polar bear, iceberg, reindeer, walrus, ice block, water/waves, snowflake, igloo, penguin, seal.

I had a hard time thinking of things to draw for this one, but now I have clip art for next year when we do Animals and Habitats again.  My next and final habitat set I hope to get done sometime soon is my Forest/Mountains set.  It's in the works, so stop back again soon to check that out!  This summer I hope to do a lot more drawing.

You can find this clip art set at my Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery HERE. (I am currently running an End of School Year 10% off sale on this item through Friday, May 26th)

You can also find it at our TPT store HERE.

I am also running a 10% off End of School Year sale at my Etsy Shop HERE.

I almost forgot a FREEBIE.  Here's my orca whale I did last night:

Please read terms of use at bottom of blog page for using my clip art in items created for commercial resale.  Thanks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trip to the Zoo Interactive Writing Powerpoint

One of the activities that we do as a class after going to the zoo is a class interactive writing.  Using the pictures that we take at the zoo, we make a class book about our trip.  We put together a powerpoint slide show that has clip art images of the animals we see at the zoo, a page border, and a text box.  We then add pictures that we took at the zoo before we actually do the interactive writing with the class.

This year we finally got Optima projectors installed in our classrooms and connected to our computers, so it has been a fun thing to use for interactive writing projects during our writing time.  Using the wireless mouse and keyboard we can easily type in the text that children come up with as we look at the pictures we have inserted prior to the activity.  We only print and bind one copy of the class book to keep in our classroom libraries.  In the past we have had to take the class to the computer lab and use the equipment there.

Zoo animals included in the powerpoint:  lion, zebra, giraffe, elephant, ostrich, alligator, gorilla, monkey, oranutan, tiger, boa constrictor, rhino, camel, shark, sting ray, polar bear, penguin, bison, flamingo, macaw, toucan, cheetah, leopard.

We created two versions of this book:  a Black/White and a Full Color, just because some school years our district lets us print in full-color and other years with budget cuts, they would prefer it to be black and white. 

You can purchase the full-color version HERE at our TPT store.
And the black and white version HERE at our TPT store.

Clip Art images used to make this power point are from Clip Art by Carrie. And the border is from Graphics From the Pond. You can click on her link on the button on the right hand side of our blog page.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Zoo Observations Book FREEBIE!

We had our annual trip to the zoo on Thursday, May 10th.  We had a beautiful day, there was just the right amount of people at the zoo that we didn't feel like we were losing our groups of 8 in the crowd, and the kids had a BLAST!  It's a great culmination to our Animals and Habitats unit and Animal Report Presentations we did last week...and its a very long but fun day! 

My Zoo Book:
The next school day after going to the zoo we did a cute "My Zoo Book" where the kids had to draw a picture of each animal and label it, mark off what they saw in the "habitat" at the zoo and write what they saw the animal doing. Christine found this at  We loved this idea because it kept the kids engaged and thinking about the field trip we went on the day before.  Kind of their own little memory book of their zoo trip with their own illustrations!

Our Version--My Zoo Observations:
We decided to revamp it a little bit because it was a little small for our first graders with fine motor issues.   We put a picture box at the top where they are to draw the animal as they saw it at the zoo and label what they saw in the zoo "habitat".  There is a place for them to write about what they saw the animal doing.  And then a place for them to circle items that they saw in the zoo habitat such as water, food, shelter, plants, and toys.  Here is the book that we put together for next year using clip art from Clip Art by Carrie and the border from Graphics From the Pond:

You can find this FREEBIE at our TPT store HERE.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grassland Habitat Doodles digital clip art and FREEBIE

I think the Grassland Habitat Doodles was one of the first habitats sets I started drawing and its taken me a while because I've gotten off on a few tangents and started drawing other habitats.  Finally finished it tonight with a few more grassland animals.

Images included in this clip art set are:
kangaroo, hyena, cheetah, elephant, rhino, lion, female lion, tiger, ostrich, zebra, bison, giraffe, grass clump, grass clump 2, grassland scene, sunflower.

You can purchase this clip art combo at my Teachers Notebook clip art gallery HERE.
At my Etsy shop HERE.
And our TPT store HERE.

Here is a FREEBIE of the grass clump:

Please read terms of use on the bottom of this blog page for using my images.  I would LOVE your feedback!

Math Calendar Songs FREEBIE packet

We love to sing in first grade and having chants, songs, and rhymes to help teach math is a fun way to get children engaged and focused on learning.  We have a daily math calendar time that takes about 15 minutes.  During that time our math calendar reviews many concepts that students need to know:  date, months of the year, days of the week, tally marks for counting by 5s (days of school), B10 Blocks for place value (days of school), money (days of school), writing the money with dollar sign and cents signs, even and odd (date), even and odd (days of school), temperature/weather.

We put together a packet of songs that we have "inherited"  or written that we sing each morning during our Math Calendar time.  Students know the routine so well by the end of the year that they can do the daily math calendar routine all by themself without teacher direction.  They start the songs all on their own and do their "job" without help from the teachers.
Here is the packet of songs we put together to share with you all, which you can find at our TPT store HERE for FREE.

These songs go along great with the Math Calendar Board that we have for sale at our TPT store:

Green/Yellow themed Math Calendar Board
Purple/Blue themed Math Calendar Board
Purple/Blue/Black Dots themed Math Calendar Board

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wetlands Habitat Doodles Digital Clip Art and FREEBIE

Well, I ran out of ideas to draw for my Wetlands Habitat Doodles collection, so that must mean I'm done and need to move on to finishing another set.  Included in this doodles collection are:

flamingo, heron, frog, tadpole, alligator, moose, canadian goose, mallard duck, cattail, water grass, salamander, turtle, beaver, beaver dam, gold fish, gray fish, dragon fly, baby duck, water/waves

You can purchase this digital clip art set at my Teachers Notebook clip art gallery HERE.
At my Etsy shop HERE.
It is also available at our TPT store HERE.

And I always like to give everyone a here is my little beaver.

Please read terms of use at bottom of this blog page for using my clip art images.  I would LOVE your feedback and suggestions for things to draw next.  Thanks for stopping into our blog!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wild Animal Doodles clip art with FREEBIE

I've been working on all the habitat doodles clip art sets the past few weeks and realized that I put together a wild animals set without even trying!  I've just started drawing using Art Studio on my iPad...and LOVING it!  It's saving me so much time (no more pencil, erasing, tracing in ink, scanning, cleaning up anymore).  Literally, if I need an image, I can quick draw it and send it via email.  Here's is my Wild Animals Doodles clip art combo:

You can purchase this clip art combo pack at my Teachers Notebook Clip Art Gallery HERE.
You can find it at our TPT store HERE.

Here is a FREEBIE of the elephant:

Be sure to stop back again soon...I'm just about done with the Grasslands and Wetlands, and have started drawing and putting together Forest/Mountains, and Arctic/Antarctic Doodles. 

Please read terms of use at the bottom of this blog page for using my images.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

B10 Block Circle Game (I Have...Who Has?)

First graders love what we call Circle Games:  I Have...Who Has games.  It can be a bit crazy and frustrating at the beginning of the year when first graders are just starting to be able to listen and follow along large group.  But they are great for building independence because it forces them to listen for their card.  In order to get the game to complete the "circle" each person needs to do their part.

Here is a circle game we made for practicing naming numbers 11-30 with B10 Blocks:

You can grab it at our TPT store HERE.

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