Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Party Hat FREEBIE

Hard to believe that 2012 is coming to an end.  Just made this Happy New Year party hat as a request from my co-worker Christine for something she's working on and wanted to pass along this FREEBIE to you!  Just right click on the image and click on "save as".  Haven't decided if this is going to be a new clip art set, but I'm envisioning tons and tons of party hats in all colors and designs.  For now, here's what got me started...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter and Snow Riddles

January always sneaks up right after Christmas vacation, and you're right back into the swing of things and going strong until spring/winter break.  We've been trying to update some activities and add some new things to our snow theme this year. Just finished this Winter and Snow Riddles activity. Our first graders are loving these activities. We have a few more themes to make them for so keep checking back:  Healthy Habits, Post Office Riddles, Dr. Seuss Riddles.

You can find Winter and Snow Riddles HERE at our TPT store.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roll, Label, and Read the Snowman FREEBIE

Looking at my pile of things to file away after school today and realized I made this last week and forgot all about thought I'd write up this post and share it all with you!

This Roll, Label, and Read the Snowman activity we plan to do the week we come back from Christmas vacation when we do our snow theme. It is very similar to a freebie we found on Pinterest from Sara Cooley at her TPT store: Roll and Color a Pilgrim.  The kids loved it so much we though we should make some to go with our Winter/Snow theme.

Included in the packet are 3 games:
  1. Roll and Color a Snowman:  Students roll two dice and add the two numbers togehter, then color the sum by finding it on the snowman and coloring that part.
  2. Roll and Label the Snowman:  And another where they roll one die and label the parts of the snowman by using the chart that has a part of the snowman by it.
  3. Listen, Read, and Color the Snowman:  Teacher reads aloud a word and students find that word on the snowman and color it. 
You can find it for FREE at our TPT store HERE.

The kids at school today said that Santa needs some snow to get his sleigh off the ground.  So hopefully by Christmas Eve we'll have a little snow on the ground so he can get up, UP, and AWAY to deliver his presents!

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    Hands and Feet Doodles with FREEBIE Hand & Foot

    Don't ask me why I'm thinking about hands and feet during the month of December. Shouldn't I be thinking about Christmas shopping and baking Christmas cookies?  Nope.  I sit under the blanket at night on the couch in my PJs watching TV and doodle.  I'm also coming down from a reading marathon from this weekend where I couldn't put my iPad down.  It was time to get back into my other obsession.  I decided to finish up something that I had started a while back, and it led to putting this set together.  We've randomly needed different colored hands for different projects we've had in 1st grade, so making hands and feet with all the colors seemed like a great project to have complete.  Then decided I wanted some realistic looking hands and feet, too.

    This personal and commercial clip art set includes BW and full-color PNG images of hand and feet outlines in all colors as well as detailed hands and feet in skin colors as BW.

    Where you can find this clip art set:
    Carrie's Teacher's Notebook store HERE
    C & C Teach First TPT store HERE

    Here's a freebie of the hand outline:
    Simple terms of use: flatten all images and give credit back to me. Read Terms of Use on bottom of our blog page for more details.

    I would love your feedback! 

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    Santa Skip Counting and Santa Poem FREEBIE

    Can you believe its less than 3 weeks until Christmas?  We are well into our Christmas theme and just finished one of our biggest projects yet:  The Holiday Cookbook.  They are sent off to the AEA for publishing and we are now awaiting a return so we can wrap them up as gifts for mom and dad.  This week we also did 2 other Christmas gift projects:  Reindeer Handprint Ornaments and a special Christmas Ornament telling their mom or dad why they are so special.

    Santa Skip Counting:
    Here is a Santa Skip Couning activity that is similar to the Pumpkin and Turkey Skip Counting activities we posted about earlier.  We added a skip counting by 25s to make this one a bit more challenging.  We'll soon be introducing the quarter and skip counting by 25s is very helpful when counting money.

    You can find this activity HERE at our TPT store.

    Santa Poem FREEBIE:
    Here is a link to a Santa Pocket Chart Poem with a file folder retelling for you for FREE!  One of the ways we want to say Merry Christmas and thanks for being our followers.  You can download it HERE through Google.  Large version is for the pocket chart and the smaller version and the poem page are to make a file folder retelling of the poem.  (Glue the poem onto the front of the file folder, cut out and laminate the small pieces, and attach with velcro to have an independent work station where students retell or re-read the poem and self-check to see if they got it in the right order.)
    Clip Art used to make the Santa poem is from DJ Inkers.


    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    How to Build a Snowman Activitiy Set

    We're planning ahead to January's Winter and Snow theme and decided to add this How to Build a Snowman activity this year.  Last year we created some parts of a snowman pocket chart cards to aid us in doing an interactive class sequence writing of how to build a snowman.  We've revamped it a little bit from last year to include a sequence writing sheet that has picture clues and Build a Snowman pieces.

    • Display the pocket chart cards in your word wall or showcase in your pocket chart for students to sequence the steps of how to build a snowman.
    • Use the poster of the snowman as a display when you do the sequence writing or when you want your students to build the snowman as a center using the Build a Snowman pieces.
    • Use the sequence writing she as a writing project to do individually or display in your Smartboard or Mimio to do as a class interactive writing.
    • Use the Build a Snowman pieces as you do the sequence writing to add to the snowman.  Put magnets on the back of the pieces and connect to a cookie sheet or your magnetic white board.

    You can find this activity pack at our TPT store HERE.
    Clip art in this activity comes from Carrie's Snowtime Doodles collection.

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