Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Word Wall Cards

So back to school came and we didn't get these done for right away to use, but we can always use them in the next few weeks.  We usually put an environmental print bulletin board up at the beginning of the year, but found that this year we didn't really do anything with it, and would have utilized the new Back to School Word Wall cards I just made.  We LOVE our theme based word walls because it help kids think of things to write about during their journal writing time.  It's interactive and kids can take the card from the word wall pocket chart back to their seats and return it when they are done with it.  Each card has a picture clue so it helps those early readers and writers find the right card.

Here's a preview of the BTS Word Wall Cards:

You can find these word wall cards at our TPT store HERE.
Clip art sources:
Clip Art by Carrie
KPM Doodles (calendar) (lunch)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shape Boxes Font

This is a font to make shape boxes for your young learners. This helps give children a visual clue about where the letters need to go on the lines. Do they go in to the basement, are they as tall as the ceiling, or are they just a short letter?

We have been doing "shape boxes" for YEARS in our first grade Working With Words curriculum as well as during our Writing time.  It has helped students that need that visual cue to know what letter shape and letter might make a certain sound.  We've used shape boxes as an accommodation on assessments for students on IEPs as well.

It was nice to find a font maker app that I could just create this font instead of making boxes in a drawing application, such as Publisher.  In the past we have had boxes that go together with a dotted line in the middle to show bossy R vowels (ar, ir, ur, or, er) or vowel teams would go together (ai, ay...), but I couldn't figure out how to do that with a this is our next best thing!  And will be an awesome time-saver!

Where you can purchase this True Type font:
Carrie's Teachers Notebook store HERE
C & C Teach First's TPT store HERE

Here is a preview of the font:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pirate Doodles with FREEBIE Anchor

Getting caught up with all my TO DO clip art sets that have been incomplete for some time.  I feel like I am in high gear just to finish these sets because once school rolls around I probably won't have time to waste an entire Sunday afternoon drawing.  Here is my Pirate Doodles set that I started shortly after doing my Halloween Doodles set.  (The pirate costume inspired me.)

This clip art set includes:
  • pirate man
  • pirate girl
  • pirate ship
  • waves
  • anchor
  • pirate flag
  • parrot
  • sword
  • chest
  • cannon
  • treasure map
  • spy glass
  • skull and crossbone

Where you can purchase this set:
Carrie's Teachers Notebook store:  Clip Art by Carrie
Our TPT store HERE

Here's your FREEBIE:  anchor

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School Is Fun Doodles with FREEBIE Kid

Just finished another school clip art set that I am calling School Is Fun Doodles.  We needed some "kid" clip art so thought I would tackle that for us for the beginning of the year.  Images in this set include these black and while and full-color PNG files:

girl standing
boy waving
boy raising hand sitting criss cross applesauce
boy sitting criss cross applesauce
girl jump roping
teacher holding papers blond hair
teacher holding papers brown hair
man teacher holding papers
boy with bat and ball
boy reading a book criss cross applesauce
3 children standing in line
swing set
monkey bars

Where you can purchase this clip art set:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook store:  Clip Art by Carrie
Our TPT store HERE


Here is a FREEBIE of a boy sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor:

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dinosaur Doodles clip art with FREEBIE Dinosaur Egg

Just finished my Dinosaur Doodles digital clip art set for personal and commercial use.  I LOVE dinosaurs, but we don't teach a theme in our first grade curriculum that uses dinosaurs so I was hesitant to draw this...but couldn't NOT do it after I drew the brachiosaurus for a special request set I finished a few weeks ago.

This Dinosaur Doodles set includes my top favorite dinosaurs:  triceratops, pteradactyl, tyrannosaurus rex, brachiosaurus, stegasaurus, and a raptor, as well as a dinosaur egg, a cracking dinosaur egg (drawn by my 9 year old daughter, MaKenna), a dinosaur footprint, a volcano, 2 tall rainforest trees, and a small rainforest leafy plant.

Where you can find this clip art set:
At our TPT store HERE
At my Teacher's Notebook clip art shop HERE

Here is a FREEBIE dinosuar egg just for all our followers:

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Helper Cards (Green/Black Dots)

This set includes classroom helper cards with picture clues that you can just print, cut, and laminate and they are ready for use in your helpers pocket chart.

Helper Cards included:
Calendar Leader
Door Helper
Paper Passers (4)
Schedule Helper
Lights Helper
Line Leader
Library Helper
Office Helper
Room Cleaners (2)
Pledge Leader
Make Your Own sheet (blank border)

Classroom Helper Cards in Green and Black Dots can be purchased at our TPT store HERE.

Cute big dots border from Graphics From the Pond:

Clip Art by KPM Doodles:

This is also available with blue background and black dots border. You can find that can HERE at our blog and HERE at our TPT store.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"I Can Do My Job at School" Book

Seems like everything you do in the classroom has to do with "learning targets". Even for learning appropriate behaviors and routines in school.  The first week of school we do what we call a "First Grade Worker" theme. During this theme, students learn the classroom routines and learn skills for good behavior.  We created this vocabulary book years ago, but just revamped it for this year using Clip Art by Carrie and Melonheadz Illustration clip art images.

Pages in this book include:
    --When I get to school I hand up my bag and go out to play.
    --I will bring my bag to school every day.
    --If I bring a note to school, I put it by the phone.
    --When I come in the classroom I write my name on the check-in sheet.
    --I sit in my chair with my hands in my lap.
    --My teacher's name is ____. I listen to the teacher.
    --At recess I play with my friends.
    --I will raise my hand before talking.
    --I sharpen my pencil when it gets dull.
    --I keep my hands in my lap and sit criss-cross applesauce.
    --I will line up quickly and quietly in the hall.
    --I keep my hands and feet to myself.
    --I will write my name on my paper.
    --I will put the cap back on the glue stick.
    --If I get picked up from school I wave goodbye to the teacher.
    --Some kids lin eup to get on the bus after school.
You can get this book at our TPT store HERE.

New Version:  August 2013

Old Version:

Clip Art by:
Clip Art by Carrie & Melonheadz Illustrating
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