Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Long Vowel Spelling Swat Mats

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This is a great activity to do in small literacy groups.  Students listen to a word that you say aloud and decide which long vowel spelling pattern makes that sound.  They can either swat it with fly swatters (play like Slap Jack) or place a chip on it (if they have their own mats).  You could even make class set of these and do large group. There are 5 mats included and the sounds that are mostly covered in first grade are included:

Long a:  a, ay, a-e
Long e:  e, e-e, ee, -y (like candy)
Long i:  i, i-e, y-e, igh, -y (like fly)
Long o:  o, o-e, ow, oa
Long u:  u, u-e, oo, ew

You can download these swat mats made with DJ Inkers ( clip art for FREE using Google Docs HERE.

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