Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Math Calendar Packet

Today we finally finished the Math Calendar packet.  Seems like we have been revamping our Math Calendar board each year since we've both been teaching first grade.  And every year we do something different.  We have so much we do each day during math calendar...I think even more than our Everyday Math program suggests.  There's just so many important things that we want to include in our 15 minute group time!

Things we do each day:
  • Write the Date on the marker board
  • Last Month, This Month, Next Month
  • Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow will be
  • Attendance (_children are in our class, _children are absent, _children are here today)
  • Tally the Days of School (make a tally, then count the tallies)
  • Base 10 Blocks for Days of school in Hundreds, Tens, Ones pocket chart (add a cube, then count the cubes and write the number)
  • Money for Days of School (and showing skip counting under the coins)
  • Skip Counting by 10s, 5s, and 2s
  • Even and Odd for Days of School (write the number int he HTO boxes and tell if its even/odd)
  • Even and Odd for the Date (put and X on the number box and tell if the 'date' is even/odd)
  • Call the Time and Temperature (record temperature on the Everyday Math thermometer poster)
  • Write the temperature on the Weather Calendar (printable blank calendar we create in Publisher) & color to match the Everyday Math thermometer color zone
A LOT covered in 15 minutes...usually takes a bit longer at the beginning of the year, but by now in 1st grade, they've got it figured out.

So for those of you who HATE making stuff, we put together a packet that you can print and laminate and you are all set. 

Check out this GREEN/YELLOW colored packet at our TPT store HERE.
We also have a BLUE/PURPLE colored one HERE.

If you have a specific color scheme you would like, please leave us a comment and we can get one uploaded for you to purchase as soon as we can. Thanks! Please be sure to leave us feedback. Thanks so much...

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