Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trip to the Zoo Interactive Writing Powerpoint

One of the activities that we do as a class after going to the zoo is a class interactive writing.  Using the pictures that we take at the zoo, we make a class book about our trip.  We put together a powerpoint slide show that has clip art images of the animals we see at the zoo, a page border, and a text box.  We then add pictures that we took at the zoo before we actually do the interactive writing with the class.

This year we finally got Optima projectors installed in our classrooms and connected to our computers, so it has been a fun thing to use for interactive writing projects during our writing time.  Using the wireless mouse and keyboard we can easily type in the text that children come up with as we look at the pictures we have inserted prior to the activity.  We only print and bind one copy of the class book to keep in our classroom libraries.  In the past we have had to take the class to the computer lab and use the equipment there.

Zoo animals included in the powerpoint:  lion, zebra, giraffe, elephant, ostrich, alligator, gorilla, monkey, oranutan, tiger, boa constrictor, rhino, camel, shark, sting ray, polar bear, penguin, bison, flamingo, macaw, toucan, cheetah, leopard.

We created two versions of this book:  a Black/White and a Full Color, just because some school years our district lets us print in full-color and other years with budget cuts, they would prefer it to be black and white. 

You can purchase the full-color version HERE at our TPT store.
And the black and white version HERE at our TPT store.

Clip Art images used to make this power point are from Clip Art by Carrie. And the border is from Graphics From the Pond. You can click on her link on the button on the right hand side of our blog page.

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