Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorful Borders and Frames set

For those of you who loved my FREEBIE Borders and Frames set, here is the color version I said I would eventually get to.  (I sorta forgot all about it until yesterday when I got home from a family reunion and got in the "Clip Art by Carrie" mode.)  I'm glad I got it done because I think I am going to use these a lot when making some new things this school year.

Included in this set are 4 of my favorite frames, each with all the different colors of the rainbow included.  So 28 borders/frames in all.

Where can get this set:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook store HERE
Carrie's Etsy Shop HERE
Our TPT store HERE

Thank you for stopping into our blog.  Hopefully soon we'll both get into the "back to school" mode and start posting some "school" stuff on here and not just my clip art.  I think I've kinda realized that once school starts I'm not going to have as much time to draw, so trying to get all my ideas done before I have to think "teacher" and not "stay at home with the kids and have all the time in the world" mode.  Time is running out...

I would love your feedback!

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