Thursday, August 2, 2012

"I Can Do My Job at School" Book

Seems like everything you do in the classroom has to do with "learning targets". Even for learning appropriate behaviors and routines in school.  The first week of school we do what we call a "First Grade Worker" theme. During this theme, students learn the classroom routines and learn skills for good behavior.  We created this vocabulary book years ago, but just revamped it for this year using Clip Art by Carrie and Melonheadz Illustration clip art images.

Pages in this book include:
    --When I get to school I hand up my bag and go out to play.
    --I will bring my bag to school every day.
    --If I bring a note to school, I put it by the phone.
    --When I come in the classroom I write my name on the check-in sheet.
    --I sit in my chair with my hands in my lap.
    --My teacher's name is ____. I listen to the teacher.
    --At recess I play with my friends.
    --I will raise my hand before talking.
    --I sharpen my pencil when it gets dull.
    --I keep my hands in my lap and sit criss-cross applesauce.
    --I will line up quickly and quietly in the hall.
    --I keep my hands and feet to myself.
    --I will write my name on my paper.
    --I will put the cap back on the glue stick.
    --If I get picked up from school I wave goodbye to the teacher.
    --Some kids lin eup to get on the bus after school.
You can get this book at our TPT store HERE.

New Version:  August 2013

Old Version:

Clip Art by:
Clip Art by Carrie & Melonheadz Illustrating

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