Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Kids Doodles digital clip art

This clip art set includes just kids.  It seems like you never have enough kid clip art for the things you make for your classroom.  Just Kids Doodles includes:

kid sitting criss cross apple sauce
kid raising hand
boy reading
girl writing
boy writing
girl in pink dress
girl jumping in the air
girl standing with hands behind back
boy standing with hands behind back
kids standing in line
kids with arms around each other
boy scratching his head

Some of the images in this set are already included in my School is Fun Doodles.

Where you can find this set:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook store HERE
Our Teacher's Pay Teachers store HERE

You can get the boy sitting criss cross applesauce if you check out my School is Fun Doodles clip art set.  I would love your feedback!  Please remember Terms of Use for using my clip art images.  Thanks for checking out this post.

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