Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"I'm a Little Reindeer" Animated Movie FREEBIE

Our students this year are really "in" to the Optima and multi media presentations, so we have been creating little animated Power Point slideshows and a few "movies" if you want to call them that.  Just finished a little animated version of one of our favorite poems we do with our first graders:  I'm a Little Reindeer.

I'm a little reindeer
ready to fly.
I'll pull Santa's sleigh
up in the sky.
Christmas is here.
We can't be late!
All the little children
just cannot wait.

You can download this freebie HERE at our TPT store.  Here's the preview of the movie you can watch here.  Quality is much better if you download from the TPT store.  Hope you like it.  We can't wait to do this next week with the kids!

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