Monday, November 19, 2012

Shape Box Spelling Patterns Font

How can I express how EXCITED I am about this font.  I think only those teachers who teach systematic sequential phonics will be the ones who will "get it".  I have wanted to create this font for YEARS!  I created the Shape Boxes fonts a month or so ago and was pretty excited to have that done because it did the job, but I really wasn't happy with that.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted.  I REALLY wanted the dotted lines between the spelling patterns.

Years ago, Christine and I came up with a way to help segment words with an activity called Rainbow Words (our own version).  We want students to be able to chunk the words apart using the different spelling patterns and types of syllables.  We color code the spelling patterns and types of syllable to match our Phonics Wall that we have at the back of the room.  It is divided into:  Bossy-Rs (yellow), Vowels and Vowel Teams (green), Short Vowel Markers (red), Blends and Digraphs (blue), and Other Sounds/Spelling Patterns (purple).  You can print off our Phonics Posters HERE for free through Google Docs.  Students write the word in the shape boxes using this new font shapes, then trace the boxes with the different colors to match the phonics wall sections.  The different colors give students a visual when they are trying to decode the word.

This font requires you to follow the key that is included to create the different multiple letter combinations. The regular alphabet letters would just use the regular letter keys (just like in the Shape Boxes Font we have for sale).

Where you can get this font:
Carrie's TN store HERE
C & C Teach First TPT store HERE

I would LOVE your feedback and appreciate credit for this font. It took me a long time to create and make it work! 




  1. This is REALLY super cool! I am actually very excited about buying this font- I know it will really help my first graders. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  2. I just bought this from your store! AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing your hard work. I can't tell you how much this is going to help my little owlets!
    Owl Things First!

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