Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The First Thanksgiving Word Wall Cards

I thought I posted these Thanksgiving Word Wall Cards last year when I made them, but while I was digging through our folder I realized I hadn't shared them or uploaded to our TPT store.

Word Wall Cards included:  basket, cabin, Mayflower, turkey (alive), turkey (cooked), cornstalk, table, corn, fish, indian chief, indian girl, indian boy, King of England, pail, pumpkin pie, pilgrim man, pilgrim woman, kettle, Squanto, pumpkin, teepee, Europe, ocean, North America, England, hunt, apple pie, cherry pie, feast, winter, pray, deer, died

You can find theme at our TPT store HERE.

Fall, Pumpkins, Halloween Word Wall Cards

Looking ahead to our next theme, we decided we wanted to revamp our word wall cards so they weren't in D'Nealian.  We switched to Zaner Bloser this year and all our word wall cards are in D'Nealian, so that just means a little more work on our part.  I think it will pay off during journal writing time when we would have to have the first graders erase and make their letters the right size and shape and not copy the D'Nealian letters on our old cards. 

This set includes word wall cards for your fall themes: fall, pumpkins, and Halloween.
  • Fall: acorn, squirrel, apple, leaf, leaves, scarecrow, crow, rake, sunflower, corn, apple pie,
  • Pumpkins: pumpkin, seed, sprout, plant, vine, yellow pumpkin, green pumpkin, leaf, pumpkin muffin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin patch, jack-o-lantern, blossom, carve, stem, weigh, measure, paint, pumpkin harvest
  • Halloween: witch, pirate, skeleton, vampire, astronaut, frankenstein, ghost, spider, bat, gravestone, haunted house, candy corn, treat bucket, treat bag, kettle, cowgirl, cowboy, trick or treating
You can find this set HERE at our TPT store.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Little Farmer on the Farm" mini-book

This week we started our farm theme with our first grade classes.  Our farm theme lasts about three weeks and we basically have three separate mini-themes within this theme:  1) The Farm, 2) Food Groups/Farm to Plate, 3) Farm Safety.  A few years ago, Christine and I wrote a song about Farm Safety that we know the kids enjoy singing.  Last year we created the Farm Riddles cards and this year I decided we should add a mini-book about Farm Safety.  I was sick of just using worksheets about farm safety and wanted our firsties to READ about farm safety.  So after school today I came up with this easy reader.

Here's the story:

The little farmer can play on the farm.
But the little farmer does not play in the barn.
The little farmer does not play in the corn.
The little farmer does not play by the combine.
The little farmer does not play in the wagon.
The little farmer does not play by the tractor.
The little farmer does not play by the cows.
The little farmer does not play by the pigs.
Where can the little farmer play?
But the little farmer can play by the scarecrow.
The little farmer can play in the yard.
The little farmer can play in the pumpkin patch.
The little farmer can pick apples.
The little farmer stays by the grown ups.

You can find this mini-book at our TPT store HERE:

We would LOVE your feedback!
Other items that go well with this mini-book for your farm theme:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School Riddles

Our first graders absolutely LOVE doing riddles activities.  We decided that making a riddles card set would be a fun way to review and teach about all the back to school things and routines that we talk about at the beginning of the school year.

Riddles included in this set are lining up, raising your hand, criss cross apple sauce, hands to yourself, reading, writing

It also includes riddles for many "school things":  crayons, paper, pencil, scissors, glue, glue stick, backpack, globe, book, teacher, headphones, computer, ear buds, book, desk/table, school bus, school, recess, apple, ruler, calculator

You can get this riddles card set HERE at our TPT store.

The purple Big Dot Border is from Graphics From the Pond and all the clip art used in this set is from Clip Art by Carrie right here at C & C Teach First.

We would LOVE your feedback!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Technology Doodles with FREEBIE CD-Rom Image

Just finished my Technology Doodles clip art collection, which includes the following images:

iPad, iPod Touch, destktop computer, laptop computer, calculator, camera, telephone, CD-Rom/DVD, earbuds, headphones

All images included in this set are BW and full-color PNG files.

Where you can purchase this set:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook clip art store HERE
Our TPT store HERE

Here is a FREEBIE of the CD-ROM/DVD image for all of our faithful followers.  Please remember terms of use if you use images by Clip Art by Carrie.  Thanks for stopping into our blog.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Kids Doodles digital clip art

This clip art set includes just kids.  It seems like you never have enough kid clip art for the things you make for your classroom.  Just Kids Doodles includes:

kid sitting criss cross apple sauce
kid raising hand
boy reading
girl writing
boy writing
girl in pink dress
girl jumping in the air
girl standing with hands behind back
boy standing with hands behind back
kids standing in line
kids with arms around each other
boy scratching his head

Some of the images in this set are already included in my School is Fun Doodles.

Where you can find this set:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook store HERE
Our Teacher's Pay Teachers store HERE

You can get the boy sitting criss cross applesauce if you check out my School is Fun Doodles clip art set.  I would love your feedback!  Please remember Terms of Use for using my clip art images.  Thanks for checking out this post.

Shape Box Letters Font

The other day I blogged about a Shape Boxes font that we use with our first graders during Working With Words time.  I decided to create another font called "Shape Box Letters" for people that wanted letters with a box around it.  These would be great for creations for your word wall!

Where you can find this font:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook store HERE
Our TPT store HERE

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