Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine, Groundhog, and Presidents Cut Apart Sentences

A little late on getting this cut-apart sentence set up on the blog, but here it is!  January flew by and before I knew it, February was already here.  This set includes 7 cut-apart sentences around the February themes:  Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, and Presidents Day.  Clip Art used in this came from my own collection of drawings, Charlotte Braddock at TPT (Charlotte's Clips) and Melanie at Graphics From the Pond.  You can find this cut-apart sentence set HERE.
Valentines Day Cut Apart Sentences:
  • What would you give your sweetie?
  • Do you like hugs and kisses on Valentine's Day?
Groundhog Day Cut Apart:
  • Did the groundhog see its shadow?
Presidents Cut Apart Sentences:
  • Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president.
  • George Washington was the 1st president
  • Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.
  • George Washington is on the quarter.

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