Friday, March 1, 2013

Celebrating Seuss Day 4 and 5

Thursday we finished up our Sneetches writing response from Wednesday and displayed them in the hallway.  They turned out really cute!  My co-teachers did this activity and had the kids add a head and hair to it so it looked like themselves.

During theme I read aloud my FAVORITE Dr. Seuss book:  Daisy Head Mayzie to the class today and watched the cartoon.  I told the kids the story about how this book was discovered after he had passed, but it was published anyway.  They really enjoyed watching the cartoon!  When I was reading the book I told them that I like to read it using the voices from the cartoon.  This afternoon, during Guided Reading the firsties did a cut apart sentence in honor of Mayzie.

On Friday, we made headbands to wear to lunch to celebrate his birthday.  One of the choices I gave my class was in honor of Mayzie!  I used the daisy that I drew and added a little label to the back that says the name of the book and taped a straw to the back of the daisy so that it wouldn't droop.  Of course, all the girls decided on this one!

Another option I gave to give the kids was to make a Cat in the Hat headband.  I used the hat that I drew, taped a straw to the back of the hat so it wouldn't fall over, and added the name of the book.  And the boys all decided on this one!
To celebrate his special birthday we had a special Thing One and Thing Two snack of strawberry jello cups with blue Cool Whip on the top.  We made these cute little labels to stick to the outside of the jello cup.  Here's a picture of the finished product:
I read a Seuss book during any down time.  We are making a list of all the books we have read throughout the Dr. Seuss theme.  We ended the day doing a cut-apart sentence in honor of his birthday, which was a little bit easier than the other birthday celebration in honor of Seuss.


  1. Are these awesome activities for Dr. Seuss available for download??

    1. I would love to upload the PDFs on here and even offer as a freebie on TPT, but I'm hesitant because of all the Dr. Seuss copyright stuff. If you right click on the cut apart sentences, you should be able to save as a JPG and print it from there.



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