Monday, March 11, 2013

Planets Mini Books: 9 Emergent Readers

This week we start our Space and Planets theme.  After planning out our first week, I decided I wanted to write some easy readers for my first graders about each of the planets.  Thankful for a snow day today so that I could complete them.  We plan to do a read-aloud for each of the planets and have students write a fact or two about each of the planets in their Planets Fact book.  I wanted to add one more piece to this by having the students do some reading after we have done the read aloud with them at the carpet, but before we have them write the facts in their own words.  I tried to include as many picture clues as I could using my clip art illustrations that would help students as they read independently or in partners.  We will see how it goes this year. 

Another new piece is a mimio file that one of my co-workers put together where we can type some facts for a visual as we discuss the characteristics of each planet.  She included some neat photographs of each planet, and then I added a planets fact generator sheet that we could use to review some key points by filling in the blanks.  I included a word bank to choose from. 

You can find this set of readers HERE at my TPT store.

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