Saturday, August 3, 2013

Community Helpers Cut Apart Sentences

This cut apart sentence pack includes these Community Helper themed cut apart sentences. These work great for morning work or literacy centers. Students have to unscramble the sentence and put it in order, then write the sentences on the lines at the bottom of the paper. A great independent activity.

The teacher teaches the class.
A fireman puts out fires.
A policeman will help you.
A construction worker builds houses.
A nurse will give you a shot.
A farmer drives a tractor.
The dentist cleans your teeth.
The doctor helps you stay healthy.
A mailman delivers your mail.
A beautician cuts and fixes your hair.
A cheerleader cheers for the team.
An astronaut goes to space.
A cowboy works on a ranch.
A scientist works in a lab.
The weatherman tells the weather.
A gardener takes care of the flowers.

You can find this set HERE at my TPT store.

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