Friday, October 11, 2013

Pumpkin Unit Mega Bundle

You can purchase this MEGABUNDLE  at my TPT store HERE.

Or you can buy each item separately at my TPT store.  Click on the hyperlink to take you to each item at my store.

  1. How a Pumpkin Grows Cut Apart Story: Students cut apart the story and piece it back together using the picture clues and what they know about how a pumpkin grows. Can be used as an assessment piece after reading the mini-book.
  2. How a Pumpkin Grows Mini-Book: Easy reader with picture labels. Similar clip art pictures as the cut-apart story. Simply copy double-sided and have your copy machine staple on the left hand side. Cut in half with a paper cutter and add additional staples for reinforcement.
  3. How a Pumpkin Grows Writing: Picture clues included in the picture box to the left. Handwriting lines included to keep your early learners organized as they write the sentence to match the picture.
  4. Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Sequence Cards: Display in your pocket chart or on your bulletin board. Use at a center to have your students put back in order.

  1. Step by step with picture clues on how to carve a pumpkin writing sheet.

  1. Pumpkin skip counting cards. Some pumkins are missing the numbers. Students will write the missing number before cutting the cards apart to have for a "put the cards in order" activity.
  2. Write the skip counts on the 100 grid sheet.
  3. Write the skip counts through the pumpkin patch sheets.

  1. This is a riddles game that you can play whole group during your fall pumpkins theme and before Halloween. Teacher reads the riddle as students are holding the answer cards (picture cards). They have to listen for the clues for their picture and then come up and answer the riddle by reading the card.

  1. A pumpkin is orange and round.
  2. A pumpkin grows in a pumpkin patch.
  3. We will have a pumpkin tasting in first grade.
  4. Halloween is for trick-or-treating.

  1. Fall: acorn, squirrel, apple, leaf, leaves, scarecrow, crow, rake, sunflower, corn, apple pie,
  2. Pumpkins: pumpkin, seed, sprout, plant, vine, yellow pumpkin, green pumpkin, leaf, pumpkin muffin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin patch, jack-o-lantern, blossom, carve, stem, weigh, measure, paint, pumpkin harvest
  3. Halloween: witch, pirate, skeleton, vampire, astronaut, frankenstein, ghost, spider, bat, gravestone, haunted house, candy corn, treat bucket, treat bag, kettle, cowgirl, cowboy, trick or treating

How to Carve a Pumpkin Cut-Apart Story:
  1. Students put the simple story in order by cutting out the story parts and pasting them back in order.  Picture clues are provided to help young children do this on their own.

  1. This is a step by step hands-on activity to do for your Pumpkins theme. Students create a Pattern Block Pumpkin using a Pattern Block Template or stencil, construction paper, and Pattern Blocks. A great way to combine an art project with your math activity.
  2. Pocket chart direction cards for a visual for your students.
  3. 1 page directions that can be posted as a learning target.

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