Saturday, March 1, 2014

Continents and Oceans Review Packet

Our Continents and Oceans theme is coming up and I decided to get creative again.  I thought we had enough stuff to go along with our theme, but when you LOVE to create...its hard to stop making!  And there are so many people that have purchased my continents/oceans stuff, so I know there's a demand for them...the ideas just keep blooming!  It's also nice to pick and choose each year what to use and what not to use.  I hate it when things get redundant.

I wanted something to use as an end of unit assessment. 1 fact from each continent and ocean is highlighted upon, giving your young learners something to remember for each continent and ocean.  The retelling sheets have three options available to make it developmentally appropriate for the ages and abilities of your students.

Continents and Oceans Writing Retell Sheets
3 options available:
--Students write sentences to match the pictures
--Students write the missing continent or ocean name in the shape box font.
--Student traces the continent or ocean name within the sentence.

Continents and Oceans Fact Cards: BW and Color Options
--Print, laminate, and cut out to use as pocket chart cards or review for learning 1 facts about each continent or ocean.
-Use the black and white version to create a mini-book.

Check out these other activities I have created that go along with the Continents and Oceans theme in my TPT store:  Click HERE to take you to all my Continents and Oceans themed activities I have at my TPT store.

  • Continents and Oceans I Have Who Has
  • Continents and Oceans Vocabulary Book
  • Continents and Oceans: What I Learned
  • Continents and Oceans Cut Apart Sentences
  • Continents and Oceans Journal Pages
  • Continents and Oceans Mini-Book Set
  • Continents and Oceans Mini Book
  • My World Word Wall Cards
  • My World Doodles Digital Clip Art (Clip art by Carrie)

You can find this Continents and Oceans Review Packet HERE at my TPT store.

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