Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Disguises Doodles

Last year just before doing our annual Turkey Disguises activity I whipped up some clip art for turkey clothing stencils to use with my first graders.  I printed, cut out and laminated the clothing pieces for them to use for stencils as they "disguise" their turkeys.  It helped them add their turkey costumes with construction paper.  I used them again this year. (Wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was something better than what we've done in the past.)

But then one day this week, I was without my mimio (AHHHH!) and couldn't do what I had planned (we were playing a Roll-A-Dice Draw a Turkey game), so I had the kids do a step by step on how to draw a turkey on the white board with them doing the same on their white boards.  Well, that was SOOOOO much fun for my class.  They loved it.  They learned about adding details and how to fit the parts together.  Great!

Here's a picture of the turkey I drew with my first graders on the white board:

Well....That led to me drawing it on my iPad that night, which also led me to revamping my turkey clothing clip art.  So I guess I will have a bit more pieces for next years Turkey Disguises activity.

You can find this Turkey Disguises Doodles HERE at my TPT store.  Or HERE at my Teacher's Notebook shop.

Turkey Disguises Doodles clip art set includes Line Art, BW, and Color PNG images.

Turkey with Tail Feathers
Turkey with no Tail Feathers
FB TShirt
FB Pants
FB Helmet
BB Cap
Cheer TShirt
Cheer Skirt
Tennis Shoes
Pom Poms
Pink Flower Dress
Pink Tennies Shoes
Brown Wig
Blong Wig
Black and Gray Top Hat

These outline images to use as stencils for dressing up your turkey:
Wig Stencil
Shoes Stencil
Top Hat Stencil
BB Cap Stencil
Shirt Stencil
Pants Stencil
Dress Stencil
Helmet Stencil

There is also an additional outline turkey not included in the preview, as well as pants, shirt, and shoes that match and fit with that turkey.

Additional Turkey Images included in this file:  

All images may be used for person, classroom, or commercial use, but need to be flattened in your product (PDF or JPG).  A simple credit back to me is all that's needed:  

Clip Art by Carrie
or a link to my TPT or TN store

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