Monday, March 12, 2012

North Pole-Christmas Mini-Unit

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So excited to share this updated mini-unit with you all.  We just purchased some new clip art by KPM Doodles this weekend and couldn't wait to start revamping some of our North Pole theme activities and create some new!  During the month of December we teach a unit all about Christmas and what Christmas is:  a time of giving.  Some of the big projects that we do are:
  1. Write a special messgae to mom or dad and laminate for an ornament to hang on tree
  2. Handprint Reindeer ornament for tree
  3. Holiday Cookbook (student version of their favorite recipe); See picture below of our example of how we used picture clues to help write the directions to a recipe:

    Activities included in the new North Pole mini-unit at our TPT store:
    1. “Dear Santa” letter writing sheet
    2. “Santa Claus is coming to town.” cut-apart sentence
    3. “Christmas is a time of giving.” cut-apart sentence
    4. “Why Did Santa Grow a Beard” writing sheet
    5. “If I Was Santa’s Helper” writing sheet
    6. “Christmas Is” writing sheet (looks, smells, sounds like)
    7. “In My Stocking” pocket chart poem
    8. “In My Stocking” poem fill in the blank sheet
    9. Poems: Santa, Little Elf, Little Reindeer, Christmas Tree
    10. “Counts by 2 Santas” (2-18)
    11. “Elf Ornament” writing sheet
    12. Santa Claus PP Sight Word mat
    13. Mrs. Claus PP Sight Word mat
    14. Boy Elf Primer Sight Word mat
    15. Girl Elf Primer Sight Word mat
    16. Teddy Bear Primer Sight Word mat  
    You can preview and purchase our unit at our TPT store:  HERE.

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