Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short Vowel Circle Games

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We finally got the short vowel (CVC words) circle games merged together in one file so if you are interested in purchasing those games as a complete set of 5 games you can find them at our TPT store HERE

If you don't know what a "circle game" is, you might have heard it called an "I Have...Who Has?" game.  Each student gets a card or cards and has to listen for, then read aloud the word in green.  They then have to decode the word in read to ask who has that word.  The game goes ina complete circle until all cards are used.

We created these for each week that we introduce a new sound.  We made the entire set of games so that each week, the games only include sounds that we have covered in our sequential phonics program that we put together using The Language Tool Kit and one of our favorite instructor teachers, Cathy Angel, who taught classes called Making Reading Heavenly and Tools For Reading and Spelling Success.  Our whole phonics program is based on these two ideas.

Here is an overview of what the games looks like:

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