Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is My Word Worth?

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Here is an activity that we use to practice skip counting coins.  Students choose a vocabulary word, sight word, their name, or spelling word and write it in the top box of the student activity sheet.  In the middle box, the student stamps, writes, or glues the corresponding coins to match the letters in the word.  Students count the coins by writing the skip counting (what they say out loud as they count it) underneath each coin.  Then in the bottom box, they write how much their word is worth using the $ and cents sign.

You can make a huge poster of this and hand it in your math center or make multiple copies of each mini-poster and do as a large group activity.  If you have coin stampers that works great for a math center, but if you don't have enough stampers to use large group, you can use reproducibles of coins and have the students cut and glue the coins or just draw the coins.

Here is a picture of the 3 posters we made along with the activity sheet:

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