Friday, March 9, 2012

Money Posters FREEBIE

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This is probably the 3rd time we have revamped these money posters!  We know we need something on the wall to help the kids refer to and remember the names of the coins/money and how much it is worth.  A few summers ago we took a class on working with autistic children and realized we needed to declutter and desensitize our classrooms.  We decided to simplify some of our posters so they weren't so BUSY.  It's so easy to get hung up on cute clip art, but sometimes simpler is better.  All the kids really need is a visual representation of the heads and tails side, the value of the coin, and a letter to help them remember the name.  If your school uses Everyday Math, your students will know what the P, N, D, Q stands for as this is the symbol that is used in the Math Boxes review pages and on the written assessments.

Here is what our current money posters look like that we made for this year:

If you want to save yourself some time without recreating these yourself, you can find them at our TPT store HERE for FREE.

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