Saturday, March 24, 2012

Word Decoding Pages

We created these word decoding pages about 5 years ago when one of us had a student teacher (which means extra time to make and create when they were full-time teaching).  We wanted something to help kids prepare for their first standardized reading test in the spring.  These were made to go along with our sequential phonics program that adds one new spelling pattern each week.

On the top half of the page, the student needs to find the word that matches the picture.  This is where they have to be a decoder as well as a "reader", meaning sometimes decoding isn't enough.  They need to know which word "looks right".

The bottom half of the page has a sentence and two pictures to choose from.  Here the focus is on comprehension.  To extend this into a writing activity, I usually have the students write a sentence on the back of the paper that matches the picture they they didn't choose.

These were created in Appleworks, our district transitioned us to Pages, then switched us to use Remote Desktop so we are these never got transferred electronically.  So, we just scanned these into a PDF file...hence the grainy edges.

Clip art is all DJ Inkers so this is a FREEBIE we wanted to share with you all.  You can get it through Google Docs HERE.

Hope this is something that you can use.  The kids love coloring the pictures!

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  1. Hi Carrie and Christine,
    I found you on TPT and followed your link from there. You have so many wonderful first grade ideas. I am your newest follower.
    First Grade Schoolhouse


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