Monday, March 26, 2012

Math Game & Work Mats

Here are some game and works mats that can be used with the 1st Grade Everyday Math program.  We have been using the Coin/Counting Money mats and the Base 10 block mats for years, but wanted some new ones to use for some of the other Everyday Math games and activities.  Our tables look pretty busy with all the "stuff" that the name tags have on them.  For some kids with vison problems its hard to find the little pieces for the games because they blend in with the table top name tags.  We are hoping that using the mats gives the kids a "place" to play the game on the busy table top.

These mats are made for 11x17 printing but print fine on 8.5x11 paper, too:

  1. Base 10 Block mat (use for "Roll for 50")
  2. Coin Counting mat (with pictures of trades they can make at the bottom of the columns)
  3. Coin Dice "Bank" mat (can be used with multiple players)
  4. Coin Dice 2-Player "Bank" mat
  5. 2-Player "Top It" mat (for any Top It game)
  6. "Before and After" game mat
  7. Counting on the Numer Grid mat (includes arrows for fingers to follow for kids who can't find the next row)
  8. Basic Pattern Block Dice game mat (use for any Pattern Block game you have where students roll the dice, pick the Pattern Block shape, and put it on their game board)
  9. "Two-Fisted Penny Addition" mat (included fill in the blank number model where students can write with a wipe off marker)
  10. "Domino Sums" mat that included "Part-Part-Total" diagram and fill in the blank number model for quick wipe off.  Students build addition facts using chips and place them on the domino to create the domino dot placement.
  11. "Who Can Make The Biggest Number?" (for place value game using the Everyday Math card decks)
  12. "The Difference Game" mat (included a circle to place the chips and a box to drag the difference to)
  13. Fact Family Facts (students put the fact triangle in the triangle shape, write the numbers in the boxes of the triangle, and then write the number models that they can make with the 3 numbers for the fact family.
  14. Show the Amount, Make Trades, Show With Fever Coins mat (includes a box to show the amount using play coins, a gray shaded area to remind them to make trades to the bank, then a place to pull down the remaining coins to show the same amount with fewer coins.
  15. Double-Digit Addition mat (to use with B10 blocks)
You may find this packet of work mats at our TPT store HERE.  You can get a free preview download of the Fact Family mat.

Clip Art used in a few of these mats by KPM Doodles and public domain clip art:


  1. Hi Carrie and Christine, I am your newest follower #10 and I love your blog; it is super cute! I am also a new "like" on your FB and TpT store.

    Deb at Fabulously First

  2. Hi Deb,

    Welcome to our blog! We are excited to have you follow us on our blog and on our facebook page. Thanks for checking us out and for saying our stuff is cute. We love to create so this is something we have enjoyed doing for our classroom.



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