Monday, April 30, 2012

Habitat Riddles

We are right in the middle of our Animals and Habitats unit and the kids are having so much fun.  I have been working on putting together a set of Habitat Riddles cards to use as a review at the end of the unit.  I just got them done today after school.  This group has really been in to riddles, which is GREAT because they have to be a good listener in order to know when it is their turn to come up and show and read their card.  You can find them at our TPT store HERE.

Cards are included for:
cactus, chameleon, camel, desert mountain, tumbleweed, sand dune, ocean, seaweed, sea shell,, walrus, deer, raccoon, mushroom, oak tree, mountain goat, mountain, vulture, grassland, lion, bison, rain forest, bananas, arctic, antarctic, wetlands, flamingo
Clip art in this riddles cards set by:
Big Dot Border from Graphics From the Pond
Public Domain,,

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