Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Doodles Clip Art

Well, after making the Thanksgiving Riddles cards the other day, I realized I just didn't have the exact clip art images I I started drawing my own!  And MY OH My did I have a lot of fun doing it!  Even my children were getting into drawing with me.  "What else do you need, Mom?"

Now I have exactly what I want and I can use it however I want!  I'm going out on a whim here and seeing if anybody else likes it.  Might just be the start of a new hobby of mine.  Sketching and creating clip art!  I think I've become obsessed lately with playing on the computer, blogging, revamping stuff.  That's pretty much what I did on my day off from school on Friday besides getting caught up on laundry.

Here's a couple FREEBIE images of a few of the Thanksgiving characters I drew.  The images are PNG so you should be able to layer in whatever you create.  You have permission to use these images however you want as long as you give me credit:  Clip Art by Carrie @ C&C Teach First.  It would be nice if you added our blog link, too!  Please don't resell my clip art as an "image".  Anything you create must be "nailed down" or flattened in PDF or JPEG form.  I would love to see my stuff in things you sell on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.  And would LOVE to see our button on your blog, too!  Here are the TERMS of use from Google Docs.

Here's the Indian Chief, the first character I drew (this is actually version 2, I had a neck on the first chief that just didn't look right):

The grumpy King of England that wouldn't let the Pilgrims pray their own way:

I will be uploading the entire Thanksgiving Doodles set to our TPT store soon.  Please let me know what you think of my sketches!  Is it worth it to keep going...should I keep drawing?

Here's a thumbnail of as many images as I could fit nicely into a thumbnail.  There are a few more that I couldn't fit on here.  A smaller Mayflower that isn't so elaborate, a turkey my daughter, MaKenna, drew that she insisted I include (she also drew the teepee shape and I finished it), bubble words for "pilgrims" and "indians", and a cornstalk that is more ready to harvest-looking (yellowish orange).

Here is the Colored set:

Here is the Black and White set:

Where you can purchase this clip art:

Our TPT store:
Black and White PNG images click HERE.
Colored PNG image click HERE.
Combo Pack of all B/W and Colored images click HERE.

Etsy Shop:  Clip Art by Carrie
Teachers Notebook:  Clip Art by Carrie

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