Monday, April 2, 2012

Weather Pocket Chart Poem Freebie

This week we started our mini-unit on Weather.  A great book to read aloud to younger children about weather is:  "What Will the Weather Be?" by Lynda DeWitt.  It has great illustrations to go along with the text.

One of the pocket chart poems we do for shared reading is one we call "Weather".  I can't even remember where we got this poem, but we digitized it and added clip art.  If you or anyone knows where this poem came from please leave a comment so we can give the author credit.  Here is the first two strips of the pocket chart poem:
The words of the poem go like this:

Weather is hot.
Weather is cold.
Weather is changing as the weeks unfold.
Skies are cloudy.
Skies are fair.
Skies are changing in the air.
It is raining.
It is snowing.
It is windy with breezes blowing.
Days are foggy.
Days are clear.
Weather is changing throughout the year.

If you would like this pocket chart poem, you can download it HERE from Google Docs.
Clip Art images by DJ Inkers: and other sources.

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