Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Book

I know this is "off-season", but I decided to revamp our First Thanksgiving Vocabulary book using my Thanksgiving Doodles clip art.  Our old version of this book did not include pictures...and it took our first graders a LONG time to illustrate it.  A great activity, but we realized it was sort of a "repeat" once my own kids went through Kindergarten and they came home with a similar (but much shorter) book that they had to illustrate.  We wanted this to focus more on the vocabulary words and the story...and by having the illustrations on each page, we hope that we can reach the "reading" part of the lesson.

Focus words:
pilgrim, king, Mayflower, cabins, home, winter, spring, indian, Squanto, chores, Thanksgiving, corn.

We plan to use this during shared reading to read with our students and have them fill in the missing vocabulary words as we go. 

You can purchase this book at our TPT store HERE.  And if you like the Thanksgiving Doodles clip art used in this book, check out my clip art collections at my Etsy Shop, my Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery, or at our TPT store.  Click on the links on the right side of our blog.

Here is a thumbnail of the book:

"Teacher's Pet" font used to create this book by:

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