Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weather Vocabulary Book

A week or so ago we posted our Weather Dictionary freebie through Google Docs.  We made that book the first year we did our Weather theme...and we realized that its just a bit "too much" for first graders.  Too many facts and just wasn't "first grade friendly".  So I decided to make a new vocabulary book using the basic weather terms that they would hear in their "real world".  I used my Weather Doodles clip art to make this book.  Vocabulary words included:  weather, clouds, rain, lightning, tornadoes, hail, snow, thunder, temperature, weather man, rain gauge, sleet, wind.
If you are interested in purchasing this vocabulary book or any of our other vocabulary book creations, check out our TPT store.  This vocabulary book can be found HERE at our TPT store.

You can find my clip art at our TPT store, at my Etsy Shop, or at my Teacher's Notebook gallery.

"Teacher's Pet" font by www.kevinandamanda.com.

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