Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Math Calendar Songs FREEBIE packet

We love to sing in first grade and having chants, songs, and rhymes to help teach math is a fun way to get children engaged and focused on learning.  We have a daily math calendar time that takes about 15 minutes.  During that time our math calendar reviews many concepts that students need to know:  date, months of the year, days of the week, tally marks for counting by 5s (days of school), B10 Blocks for place value (days of school), money (days of school), writing the money with dollar sign and cents signs, even and odd (date), even and odd (days of school), temperature/weather.

We put together a packet of songs that we have "inherited"  or written that we sing each morning during our Math Calendar time.  Students know the routine so well by the end of the year that they can do the daily math calendar routine all by themself without teacher direction.  They start the songs all on their own and do their "job" without help from the teachers.
Here is the packet of songs we put together to share with you all, which you can find at our TPT store HERE for FREE.

These songs go along great with the Math Calendar Board that we have for sale at our TPT store:

Green/Yellow themed Math Calendar Board
Purple/Blue themed Math Calendar Board
Purple/Blue/Black Dots themed Math Calendar Board

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