Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wetlands Habitat Doodles Digital Clip Art and FREEBIE

Well, I ran out of ideas to draw for my Wetlands Habitat Doodles collection, so that must mean I'm done and need to move on to finishing another set.  Included in this doodles collection are:

flamingo, heron, frog, tadpole, alligator, moose, canadian goose, mallard duck, cattail, water grass, salamander, turtle, beaver, beaver dam, gold fish, gray fish, dragon fly, baby duck, water/waves

You can purchase this digital clip art set at my Teachers Notebook clip art gallery HERE.
At my Etsy shop HERE.
It is also available at our TPT store HERE.

And I always like to give everyone a FREEBIE...so here is my little beaver.

Please read terms of use at bottom of this blog page for using my clip art images.  I would LOVE your feedback and suggestions for things to draw next.  Thanks for stopping into our blog!


  1. Hi Girls! Your animals are so cute! :)

    When you were emailed about the blog nomination, did you get two badges? When I clicked on the link there were two badges. One says Vote for Me. I'm going to add that one when the voting actually starts on the 14th!

    Congrats to you two too! :)


  2. Thanks for sharing the cute beaver! :)


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