Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wild Animal Doodles clip art with FREEBIE

I've been working on all the habitat doodles clip art sets the past few weeks and realized that I put together a wild animals set without even trying!  I've just started drawing using Art Studio on my iPad...and LOVING it!  It's saving me so much time (no more pencil, erasing, tracing in ink, scanning, cleaning up anymore).  Literally, if I need an image, I can quick draw it and send it via email.  Here's is my Wild Animals Doodles clip art combo:

You can purchase this clip art combo pack at my Teachers Notebook Clip Art Gallery HERE.
You can find it at our TPT store HERE.

Here is a FREEBIE of the elephant:

Be sure to stop back again soon...I'm just about done with the Grasslands and Wetlands, and have started drawing and putting together Forest/Mountains, and Arctic/Antarctic Doodles. 

Please read terms of use at the bottom of this blog page for using my images.

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