Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Word Wall Cards

So back to school came and we didn't get these done for right away to use, but we can always use them in the next few weeks.  We usually put an environmental print bulletin board up at the beginning of the year, but found that this year we didn't really do anything with it, and would have utilized the new Back to School Word Wall cards I just made.  We LOVE our theme based word walls because it help kids think of things to write about during their journal writing time.  It's interactive and kids can take the card from the word wall pocket chart back to their seats and return it when they are done with it.  Each card has a picture clue so it helps those early readers and writers find the right card.

Here's a preview of the BTS Word Wall Cards:

You can find these word wall cards at our TPT store HERE.
Clip art sources:
Clip Art by Carrie
KPM Doodles (calendar) (lunch)

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