Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shape Boxes Font

This is a font to make shape boxes for your young learners. This helps give children a visual clue about where the letters need to go on the lines. Do they go in to the basement, are they as tall as the ceiling, or are they just a short letter?

We have been doing "shape boxes" for YEARS in our first grade Working With Words curriculum as well as during our Writing time.  It has helped students that need that visual cue to know what letter shape and letter might make a certain sound.  We've used shape boxes as an accommodation on assessments for students on IEPs as well.

It was nice to find a font maker app that I could just create this font instead of making boxes in a drawing application, such as Publisher.  In the past we have had boxes that go together with a dotted line in the middle to show bossy R vowels (ar, ir, ur, or, er) or vowel teams would go together (ai, ay...), but I couldn't figure out how to do that with a this is our next best thing!  And will be an awesome time-saver!

Where you can purchase this True Type font:
Carrie's Teachers Notebook store HERE
C & C Teach First's TPT store HERE

Here is a preview of the font:

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