Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cooking Doodles with FREEBIE Plate

Christine and I are thinking ahead to what clip art we will need in the next month or so and thought that cooking utensils might be a good idea, since we'll be doing our annual Holiday Cookbook.  The kids will be writing their own recipe of their favorite food.  We've learned after doing this for over 10+ years that kids need more and more visuals to help them write step by step projects.

The Cooking Doodles set includes these BW and full-color PNG images:

spoon (metal and wooden), fork, butter knife, sharp knife, whisk, spatula, ladle, rolling pin, measuring spoon, measuring cup, collander, bowl, fry pan, oven mitt, muffin tin, plate, cooking pot, tongs, cookie sheet, casserole dish, cake pan, mixer

Where you can grab this set:
Carrie's Clip Art shop on Teacher's Notebook HERE
Christine and Carrie's TPT store HERE

Here is your freebie:  Just remember to follow the terms of use included at the bottom of the blog page.  I would love your feedback!

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