Monday, October 29, 2012

FREEBIE: How to Carve a Pumpkin Writing

Did this fun little writing activity before we actually cut open our pumpkin today.  The kids did a GREAT job!  Using our Mimio projector to display the sheet and write on it, we talked through the pictures and wrote as a class how to carve a pumpkin.  I closed the Mimio and then had the kids do it in their own words!  What a blast!  The visuals truly helped those kids think step by step.  Hoping this is a good preparation for our Holiday Cookbook writing activity that we will do in about a month, where they have to write a step by step recipe of their favorite food.  Here is a FREEBIE of the sheet that I put together:

Either click on the JPG and print the JPG image from the blog or go to our TPT store HERE to pick up this freebie!  We would appreciate your feedback.  Hope you can squeeze this in before Halloween!

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