Friday, November 9, 2012

Gingerbread Doodles with FREEBIE Cookie Cut Outs

Gingerbread Doodles clip art set includes:

2 gingerbread girls, 2 gingerbread boys, 2 gingerbread Christmas ornaments, 2 gingerbread mugs, gingergread house, gingerbread cookie boy, gingerbread cookie girl, cookie sheet with gingerbread cookies on it, fox, candy cane

I know the fox may seem a little weird to put in with this set, but when I think of the gingerbread man or the story Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, I think of the fox who eats him. :)  If you want some of the farm animals and farmer to go with this set, you can check out my Farm Doodles set.

Where you can find this set:
Carrie's TN clip art store HERE
C & C Teach First's TPT store HERE

Sorry for mulitple posts in a day, but its easier to keep things organized this way. 

Here's a freebie of the cookie cut-outs in black and white:  See Terms of Use below for using in your items for sale or for freebies given at your blog, TPT or TN.

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