Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Build a Snowman Activitiy Set

We're planning ahead to January's Winter and Snow theme and decided to add this How to Build a Snowman activity this year.  Last year we created some parts of a snowman pocket chart cards to aid us in doing an interactive class sequence writing of how to build a snowman.  We've revamped it a little bit from last year to include a sequence writing sheet that has picture clues and Build a Snowman pieces.

  • Display the pocket chart cards in your word wall or showcase in your pocket chart for students to sequence the steps of how to build a snowman.
  • Use the poster of the snowman as a display when you do the sequence writing or when you want your students to build the snowman as a center using the Build a Snowman pieces.
  • Use the sequence writing she as a writing project to do individually or display in your Smartboard or Mimio to do as a class interactive writing.
  • Use the Build a Snowman pieces as you do the sequence writing to add to the snowman.  Put magnets on the back of the pieces and connect to a cookie sheet or your magnetic white board.

You can find this activity pack at our TPT store HERE.
Clip art in this activity comes from Carrie's Snowtime Doodles collection.

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