Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roll, Label, and Read the Snowman FREEBIE

Looking at my pile of things to file away after school today and realized I made this last week and forgot all about thought I'd write up this post and share it all with you!

This Roll, Label, and Read the Snowman activity we plan to do the week we come back from Christmas vacation when we do our snow theme. It is very similar to a freebie we found on Pinterest from Sara Cooley at her TPT store: Roll and Color a Pilgrim.  The kids loved it so much we though we should make some to go with our Winter/Snow theme.

Included in the packet are 3 games:
  1. Roll and Color a Snowman:  Students roll two dice and add the two numbers togehter, then color the sum by finding it on the snowman and coloring that part.
  2. Roll and Label the Snowman:  And another where they roll one die and label the parts of the snowman by using the chart that has a part of the snowman by it.
  3. Listen, Read, and Color the Snowman:  Teacher reads aloud a word and students find that word on the snowman and color it. 
You can find it for FREE at our TPT store HERE.

The kids at school today said that Santa needs some snow to get his sleigh off the ground.  So hopefully by Christmas Eve we'll have a little snow on the ground so he can get up, UP, and AWAY to deliver his presents!

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