Thursday, June 28, 2012

FREEBIE Carrie's Font by Clip Art by Carrie

Found an app for my iPad called iFontMaker today when I should have been working on curriculum planning for our new Journey's Reading program.  But...its summer vacation and I don't feel like curriculum...I feel like being creative!  So out came my first font and it was pretty fun!  There are so many free fonts out there, so here's my first FREEBIE font for all of you of my very own handwriting.

And since I didn't know what to call it and its my own handwriting font, its called "Carrie's Font".  Not too original...I know. 

Where you can download this TTF font for FREE:
Clip Art by Carrie Teacher's Notebook store HERE
C&C Teach First TPT store HERE.

As with all my clip art please give credit to me by reading the Terms Of Use at the bottom of this blog page.  Thanks!  Would LOVE your feedback!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post Office Doodles clip art & FREEBIE Stamp

I feel like summer vacation is going by way too fast, I have so many things I want to get done, but seem to have a hard time doing "school stuff", so I've been pretty much reading and drawing.  Just got back from a wonderful vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, for a friends wedding and now back to the real world.  Before I left I started my Post Office Doodles clip art set and just finished it today.

BW and Full Color PNG Images included:
post office, mail truck, mail man, mail bag, mail box, mail box with letters in it, post mark, barcode, 2 different stamps with pictures, 1 blank stamp to create your own stamp, mail drop box, blank envelope, envelope with labels, letter, letter with labels, blank post card

Where you can find this digital clip art set:
Clip Art by Carrie on Teacher's Notebook HERE
Our TPT store HERE
Carrie's Etsy Shop HERE

These images will be great for your Post Office theme!  We do our Post Office theme during February.  Our students have a blast writing post cards to each other in our classroom mail center and pretending to be the mail person and deliver to all the different first grade classrooms. 

Here is a FREEBIE stamp for you to use:

Please refer to terms of use at the bottom of the blog page for using Clip Art by Carrie images.  I would love your feedback!  Thanks for stopping into our blog!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Borders and Frames BW FREEBIE

I've been playing around on my iPad in Art Studio and created some borders and frames.  Right now I've got the BW version done and thought that might be a fun FREEBIE.  We love freebies so we want to give back to all our followers!  I keep forgetting I drew these and just decided this morning that I plan to create some colored borders and frames using these templates, so check back sometime later and see if I remembered!

Here is the BW Borders and Frames:

Where you can find Borders and Frames FREEBIE:
  • Carrie's Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery HERE
  • Our TPT store HERE

Pumpkin Time Doodles and FREEBIE Seed

This past week has been crazy busy and I don't feel like I've had time to draw, and Christine and I really haven't had our mind on doing much school work. We met last week and went through the scope/sequence of the new Journeys Reading series that our school is doing next fall, and I think that hurt our brain a little bit!  I did manage to get through the first unit and wrap my head around it a bit, but there are 5 more to do that with.  Needless to say, that will be a BIG works in progress throughout this summer.  I think both of us have enjoyed some "down" time and giving in to just reading a good book (or books, as I think we've both been hooked on reading since school has been out).

I did manage to get my Pumpkin Time Doodles digital clip art set done so we'll be able to use it for projects in the fall.  I tried to keep it as the pumpkin life cycle from seed to jack-o-lantern or yummy treats, so there's not a lot of Halloweeny stuff.  That might be another clip art set I get to this summer.  (LOL!  That is if I don't keep getting sucked in to another book.)

Included in Pumpkin Time Doodles are these BW and full-color PNG files:

seed, sprout, pumpkin plant, pumpkin leaf, pumpkin vine, pumpkin flower, green pumpkin, yellow pumpkin, two orange pumpkins (one short and one tall), pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie slice, pumpkin muffin, glowing scary jack-o-lantern, painted happy jack-o-lantern, and a wooden sign to post in your pumpkin patch

Where you can purchase this clip art set:
Carrie's Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery HERE
Our TPT store HERE
Carrie's Etsy shop HERE

And here's a FREEBIE pumpkin seed for all of our followers:

Thank you so much for stopping into our blog, please make sure to check my Terms of Use for using my clip art images.  Hope you are all have a great summer...I have a feeling its going to FLY by and we'll be back in the swing of things all too soon!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fall Doodles Clip Art and FREEBIE Pumpkin

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPad and stylus pen!  I am having so much fun drawing.  Now that I "know" what I'm doing...I want to go back and redo all the first clip art sets that I first drew with pencil/paper then scanned, etc.  I actually did that for a few of the images in the Fall Doodles set that I just finished.

My Fall Doodles digital clip art set is hand-drawn using the Art Studio app on my iPad and a stylus pen. Images are colored in the app and then filtered using a computer program on my laptop. Images are PNG files in black and white and full color so they work great for layering in your projects. Images included:

short pumpkin, tall pumpkin, wood sign, rake, acorn, 2 different leaves, tree (green and fall colors), cornstalk (green and fall colors), ear of corn, sunflower, 2 different scarecrows, black crow, squirrel, apple (green, yellow, red), pumpkin pie, apple pie, brown basket

Where to puchase Fall Doodles:
My Teacher's Notebook clip art store HERE.
Our TPT store HERE.
My Etsy Shop HERE.

And I always give away a FREEBIE.  Here's one of the pumpkins from this set that I redid on my iPad app.  So much more crisp and clean.

As always, THANK YOU for stopping into our blog and checking out our stuff.  Please see terms of use on the bottom of this blog page for using my clip art images.  I would love your feedback!
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