Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fall Doodles Clip Art and FREEBIE Pumpkin

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPad and stylus pen!  I am having so much fun drawing.  Now that I "know" what I'm doing...I want to go back and redo all the first clip art sets that I first drew with pencil/paper then scanned, etc.  I actually did that for a few of the images in the Fall Doodles set that I just finished.

My Fall Doodles digital clip art set is hand-drawn using the Art Studio app on my iPad and a stylus pen. Images are colored in the app and then filtered using a computer program on my laptop. Images are PNG files in black and white and full color so they work great for layering in your projects. Images included:

short pumpkin, tall pumpkin, wood sign, rake, acorn, 2 different leaves, tree (green and fall colors), cornstalk (green and fall colors), ear of corn, sunflower, 2 different scarecrows, black crow, squirrel, apple (green, yellow, red), pumpkin pie, apple pie, brown basket

Where to puchase Fall Doodles:
My Teacher's Notebook clip art store HERE.
Our TPT store HERE.
My Etsy Shop HERE.

And I always give away a FREEBIE.  Here's one of the pumpkins from this set that I redid on my iPad app.  So much more crisp and clean.

As always, THANK YOU for stopping into our blog and checking out our stuff.  Please see terms of use on the bottom of this blog page for using my clip art images.  I would love your feedback!


  1. How cute!!!
    PS I'm having giveaway and I'd love for you to join!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

  2. Love it! Thanks for the pumpkins!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. I stumbled unpon your blog via Victoria Leon's Clip Art Comparisons on TPT and I'm so happy I did! Your clipart and activites are awesome! I am so inspired!!! Thanks so much. Feel free to follow my blog, maybe I'll be able to inspire you!

    1. Thank you for the compliments. Both if us are kinda taking a brain break here for a few weeks since we just got out of school. We've found it's hard to keep up with the blog when we aren't in the classroom. Hoping to revamp some things this summer!


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