Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weather Cut Apart Sentences

I think I finally finished the last set of cut-apart sentences for our themes for the year!  Here are some sentences that we can choose from for our Weather and the World Around Us theme.  I simplified some of the sentences from the Weather Vocabulary book that I created last year. 

Sentences included:
--What will the weather be like today?
--It rains when the cloud is full of water.
--Lightning is a flash of light that comes from the sky.
--Thunder is the big boom you hear when clouds bump together.
--Tornadoes are a swirling cloud in the shape of a funnel.
--Big chunks of ice that fall from the sky are called hail.
--A snowflake is an ice crystal with six points.
--A thermometer is what we use to check the temperature.
--A weather man tells what the weather will be.
--The wind is when the air moves.
--Sleet is when there is rain mixed with snow.
--A hurricane is like a tornado in the ocean.

You can find this cut apart sentences set HERE at my TPT store.

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