Thursday, April 4, 2013

Continents and Oceans I Have Who Has Game

Well, I decided to make the Continents and Oceans I Have Who Has Game after making the one for Space.  I love playing what I call "circle" games (it seems like everyone else in the world calls them "I Have Who Has" games).  I call them circle games because they make a complete circle and go back to the start card if they were read correctly.

I used the words from the "My World World Wall" pocket chart cards for this game.  I figured it would be good to have the words displayed in the pocket chart for students to refer to.  I also used the same picture clue.

This game includes cards for:
7 continents
5 oceans
North and South Pole
compass rose
world map
ocean water

You can find this game HERE at my TPT store.

If you like the "My World Doodles" digital clip art used in this set it is available at my TPT, too.

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