Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kinds of Clouds Mini Book

This year for our Weather Unit, I'm going to attempt to teach a little bit about the different cloud types.  We'll see how it goes.  After drawing my Clouds Doodles clip art set, I decided to write this little mini book.  I focused on the basic cloud types (cumulus, stratus, nimbus, and cirrus).  I figured it was pointless to go into the combination clouds...I can hardly keep them straight myself.  What I want is for my students to notice the different cloud formations and what they might mean.  Last year we did a cute little cloud activity where they created different types of cloud pictures out of cotton balls and wrote about what they saw when they looked up in the sky.  This year I might try it with the shaving cream/glue paint mixture and see how that one goes, too!  (Mainly because I HATE touching cotton of those weird quirks about me.)

This "Kinds of Clouds" mini book tells about the basic clouds types and is written for early readers.  Pictures clues will provide help with the text.  Here is the text:

  • There are many kinds of clouds.
  • Clouds tell what the weather will be.
  • Cumulus clouds are fluffy and white.  They are low to the ground.
  • Cumulus clouds mean good weather.
  • Nimbus clouds are dark gray clouds.  They bring rain, hail, sleet, or snow.
  • Cumulonimbus clouds are the tallest clouds.  They bring a thunderstorm.
  • Stratus clouds are like a gray blanket.  They bring drizzle.
  • Cirrus clouds are high in the sky.  They are wispy and smoky.  They are made of ice.
  • Cirrus clouds are called a "mare's tail" because they look like a horse's tail.

You can find this book HERE at  my TPT store.  Check out the thumbnail below:


  1. This mini-book looks fabulous. The second grade teachers at my school teach clouds (I wish I did), so I'll have to send them your way. Good work!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I just used this book this week along with my Clouds Riddles and surprisingly, they did awesome! I was so proud of them.


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