Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gardening Doodles and FREEBIE Flower Pot

Spent a few days last week at a teacher association assembly and had a bit of time to draw while I sat and listened to fellow teachers from other teacher associations discuss state issues on what the state teacher association is supporting.  If you understood that, its a lot of talking and parlimentary procedure stuff, so I had a little time to draw while I listened to that.  There were a few speakers that were pretty interesting.  It's always fun to listen to the teacher of the year.  Just makes me realize how I could do more.  Some teachers must have the Energizer Bunny motivating them and giving them all the energy they need to keep going and going!

Here is my Gardening Doodles set just in time for spring.  Nothing I really teach about, but thought it was fun to draw.  Might come in handy with a Mother's Day project of some sort?   This clip art set includes:

gardener girl, gardening gloves, dirt pile, seed, sprout, flower plant, daisy, daisy in a pot, sunflower, 4 different seed packets (sweet corn, carrot, pumpkin, daisy), garden sign, garden carrot sign, garden flower sign, flower petal, bee, trowel, garden rake, clay pot, watering can, garden hose

Where to find this set:
Clip Art by Carrie Teaching First store at TPT HERE
Clip Art by Carrie's shop on Teacher's Notebook HERE

Scroll down to pick up the freebie of the flower pot.  Thanks for stopping by!


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